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This is the page for kpop. Also known as Andrew. And Korean. And earrings. He is amazingly sweet, sincere and nice under his "gangsta asian" appearance. Like an m&m! He chewed gum all the time....THAT WAY HE COULD HAVE MINTY FRESH BREATH know ;). Andrew even chewed gum at the dances. His girlfriend is Ann Li. She is amazing. They were set up for the dance on Thursday by Odelia (Niles Bern watched from afar). She told kpop to write a note and put it in his hat. She then maneuvered Ann to steal the hat and read the note. It said will you go to the dance with me? Of course she said yes. She is an amazing azn. Kpop loves Ann with all his heart. He also might've given her strep throat because he was sick when they kissed. But whatever. (it was amazing) Kpop wears skinny jeans, vans, hollister/Abercrombie shirts, snap backs, beats solos and m&m earrings. His beats are amazing, they block out all sound and are soooo comfy! Ann Li needs a pair. He also has a Pirates hat which he let Ann wear all the time...she also sprayed it with perfume...A LOT. Kpop loves Ann with all his heart. They are in loveeeeeee. <3

Andrew totally made out with Ann in front of Arman on purpose. and held her hand. and glared at everyone who judged. while chewing gum moodily and stubbornly.