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LiChi is the couple name for Kpop (Andrew) and Ann Li. They are the cutest couple on Earth; no other can compare.

Here is a LICHI story: So, after Ann was asked to the dance, (see Ann Li for more info), naturally her friends decided to come up with couple names. Naturally, Ann-drew or Anndrew was considered; I mean, how perfect was that! But then, LICHI was discovered...yes, also named after the amazing fruit. So her friends decided to chant "LiChi! LiChi! LiChi!" loudly down the hall. Upon hearing "lychee, lychee, lychee", Rachel and Nancy came bursting out of their rooms shouting, "Where? Where!?!? I want some!" The commotion was causing curious bystanders and RCs alike to gather, and, at the time, since Ann Li did not want "Lichi" to be known by everyone, Rachel and Nancy were forced into the room and told and vowed to secrecy. Eventually, none of it mattered, because by then, everyone in camp knew... (thanks Odelia and Hiromi :P ...) so LiChi survived happily ever after. THE END