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Adanna is most likely the awesomest black person TIP has ever experienced. Adanna is the "Harry Styles" part of 1D-TIP style. She is an amazingly talented artist, as shown at the TIP showcase. She is also one of the only people out of 1D-TIP style that hasn't bumped into the spoons in Mabee. Adanna continues to be a strong believer in the RC relationTIP of Austin and Ingrid ( aka Ingstin). Of course she is, she's the one who started it all! With the help of her friends in 1D-TIP style!!! Anyway Adanna and Christina and the rest of 1D-TIP style have an ongoing Battle of the Races. They fight in this battle with racist jokes. Right now Christina's gaining on Adanna (you know she has to pick up so much slack ;). Anyway Adanna is the owner of the Glow-in-the-dark Dead Mau5 Snapback that everybody wants nowadays. Her, Christina, Alessia, Odelia, and Madison bought many things on their trip to Target for RAG night items on that list include;

  • 4 tubs of ice cream
  • 5 random snapbacks
  • 3 4-pack bags of gum
  • 24-pack of some h20