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The Birth of Smeagol

Smeagol was a Trinity 2012 Term 2 TIPster colloquially referred to as "Lizzy" or more commonly "Hey, you over there!"

Smeagol is most known for being up to no good, and the name originated from such an instance. During Hiromi's (Smeagol's RC) day off, Smeagol was slated to lose free time and served the punishment with Michael the RC. In retaliation, Smeagol began calling Michael "The Socially Deprived Hobbit." Michael then changed the door decoration from "Lizzy- Intro to Lab Sciences" to "Smeagol- Intro to Free Time."

Thus began World War Three.

Smeagol, with her deprived hobbit minions, then posted a colorful yet amateur depiction of how Michael had no "freinds" [sic] in any social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and some other obscure social media devices. Along with the pictures was a piece of recyclable material saying "Da Minions were here"

Disappointed by this amateur response, Michael painted a masterpiece of a dead minion saying "Still No Free Time." Thinking he had won the war, Michael rested easily.

However, Smeagol and the minions utilized the traitor Kyle Dzwonkowski (Known as "Jagger" to Term 1), Michael's suitemate, who placed scraps of paper on top of Michael's fan. That day being Tigerfest the day when the AC in Prassel broke, Michael went to turn on the fan, only to notice too late the horrors that lay on top.

Michael then congratulated Smeagol on the war well won, expecting the hostilities to end, but Smeagol showed her true depravity by having Kyle reset the paper again.

Then, on the last night, the mighty and victorious RC Michael finally bested Smeagol by layering tape all over her door and stuffing a mountain of balled up toilet paper in the gap, letting loose a torrent of toilet paper and revenge.

The lows that Smeagol stoops to.

Smeagol and the Future

Because of Smeagol's TIP spirit and all around Smeagolness, the RC's Kyle and Michael knighted her and predicted her destiny of eventually pilgramming to Duke East and becoming the Llama Mama. Only time will tell if Smeagol will claim her destiny.
Kyle and Michael were completely wrong, however. She went to Wake Forest and Duke West.

Then our fate is sealed. we are doomed.