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Erica Mast is not only the unrivaled international dance champion, but also a lovely Tipster. Erica first attended TiP in 2012 as a 2nd year at Duke East, term 2. She continued attending East term 2 as a 3rd and 4th year

Year Campus Class Dorm RC Roommate
2012 Duke East ll Haunted Places Pegram Jasmine Sally Shin
2013 Duke East ll CTA Brown Hannah Alyson LogroƱo
2014 Duke East ll Microeconomics Bassett Claire Margaret Overton

Sexy Mama

Erica was chosen as the 2014 SM after the intended SM, Sarah Tanner, was waitlisted. While the Sarah's wait list status was very sad at first, Erica did a lovely job. The SM drama didn't end there, though. After a package Sarah sent containing the SMP stars and a tiara failed to be delivered, Erica, Riley Knight, and Caroline Reagan made a grueling trek (one mile, really guys) to Rite Aid on arrival day to buy a pack of stars. They were successful... until the stars ran out on Wear a Skirt Wednesday. Some girls drew stars with eyeliner for a day or two, but luckily Erica's RC, Claire, went out to buy more for the rest of term.

Due to the increase in rule enforcement at East in 2014, the SMP shirts were not allowed to be worn on campus due to the fact that 'Sexy' was (almost unnoticeably) printed on them, and apparently that word cannot be used in association with TiP (which was printed on the back). Nonetheless, the shirts looked hella rad. The back of the shirt was a rendering of Sarah Tanner as Rosie the Riveter, designed by Ann Li (also waitlisted) as a tribute to the intended SM.

TipSync and Talent Show

2013 As a 3rd year, Erica was part of the Ice Ice Babies, along with Hunter Wolff, Mia Fowler, Alex Obiol, Riley Knight, and Bethany Brownrigg. The group performed a very short routine to (you guessed it) Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, dressed as ballerinas. They did not place but looked hella fine, anyway. For the talent show, Erica sang "Someplace Like TiP," a TiP-themed version of Adele's "Someone Like You," and subsequently made everyone cry.

2014 Erica participated in both TipSync and the talent show again as a fourth year. She and the former Ice Ice Babies reformed as the Street Six to perform "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" by the Backstreet Boys, all six girls dressed like dudes in cargo shorts, snapbacks, and thrift shop windbreakers (provided by LJ). The group surprised the audience and especially the competing 4th year group, Miss Toxic and the Carbon Monoxides, with matching, glittery bro tanks emblazoned with 'Hotter Mess' in reference to the aforementioned boys' 'Hot Mess' tanks from their winning act the previous year. The 2014 East ll TipSync ended with some controversial results. The judges proclaimed Miss Toxic and the Carbon Monoxides as the official first place winners, but an unknown RC/Tipster started chanting "dance off," leading to... a dance off. The Street Six decidedly won the dance off, but since it was not a dance off requested by the judges, Miss Toxic kept the title. Besides, many Tipsters as well as some RCs and TAs agreed that the Street Six's routine was superior. But hey, who can beat guys in booty shorts. For the talent show, Erica performed "Stay With Me," by Sam Smith, accompanied Kobi Johnson on piano. There were definitely some tears in the audience, with Erica crying on stage a bit as well.

Notable Contributions to the East ll Community


  • Made the winning catch for the Lazer Dragons at the Staff vs. Student game
  • Began playing "Wiggle" on the kazoo, inarguably the best thing to happen at East ll
    • Subsequently led to doing what I'll call Wiggling down the halls of Bassett
  • Drank enough Marketplace chocolate milk to submerge Carr building
  • Became a total Bro (With the help of Kobi Johnson and Harris Bethel), later creating the steps to becoming a bro
  • Creator of "Ercanomics"
  • With the help of classmates, got the Micro TA, Thomas, to say 'Swag swag like Caillou' in class
  • Was going to perform a very censored dramatic reading of Yung God's Caillou rap in proper English with Hunter Wolff until RC Karis listened to the actual song and cut their act :(
  • Continued spreading her signature dance, The Mast
  • Total BAMF