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Davidson Term II 2013

First Year

For the term book, her superlative was 'what the helen'

Also known as, Windmill, Beatrice, Blondie, Plastic Ball, and Karen. It's best if you don't ask where those came from.

She dated Jack after the first dance and that was mainly what she was known for, which kind of sucks, as alot of times when she would meet new people they would already know her because she was 'Jack's Girlfriend'.

She likes food, and there are alot of private jokes, such as on the first day during icebreakers, when asked how many states she's lived in she asked if china was a state because she lived there for a year and nobody answered her question. Also she asked once if mushrooms were baby trees.

She was in creative writing In Ashleigh's RC group

Ashleigh's Apocalyptic Sunrise

One of the wearer's of Jeraldo the Amazing Mardi Gras tutu.

and her best friends were Naomi and Maya.She borrowed Naomi's clothes a lot. How she stayed best friends with Naomi and Maya,the world will never know. Naomi would make a lot of sarcastic comments about Helen's "special" questions and Maya once woke Helen up by karate chopping her in the stomach. Oops.

She knew boohbah before any of you... probaby

She really isn't that intresting so why are you reading this? But she cried for the last three days and nows she's crying again while listening to american pie because TIPression

Helen was a member of The Collective Collective Her team, the Yellow Team, wonSummerfest because she was in the boat race and relay race with Naomi

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For the term book superlative was "Most Likely To Be Scared of A Horse"

Helen is currently best friend with the artificially selected (generation F 500) Sumani Nunna.


Helen took neuroscience with Catherine (the best instructor) and Miriam (the best TA), and quickly became known for her strong Instagram game, knack for puns, and love of TIP. Helen received a promposal as impressive as her prowess as a Pokemon trainer when Tejas (father of Rahul "Sassy Sanjay") asked if she would "Pokemon GO" to nerd prom with him. On the last night of TIP, Miriam entrusted both Helen and Hannah Ninan with her flower hair clips, which they will one day return to TIP by giving to the fourth years of their choice when they (inevitably) return as staff members.