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New College of Florida 2012, Term 2

She's ok with taking random strangers out for burritos on the first day of TIP. That is all. Was a part of That's debatable new college term 2 and DJ's cereal daters. According to her fellow cereal daters she looks like a "mean girl". It's totally the opposite! Naomi is a total people person and loves making people smile. She introduced the gang to the game bus stop. On the first day, she was able to make up hilarious jokes and parodies. Some of these included getting in Eloise's face and whispering "Once I went on a date with Liam Payne from One Direction, then I woke up" and her "I'm Katniss" rant. Later she found out that Eloise was her "evil twin". She fit in with the Jeffites and Cereal daters. During free time she was seen playing cards or trying to survive the "V- pocalypse". The V-pocalypse is when over half the guys from upper- V stormed her common room. After an hour or so of talking, the guys would leave. All the girls in her dorm had to clean up the huge mess they made before her RC came in. She was seen hanging out with mostly Heidi, Eloise, Emma, Abby, Jack (neon), Preston, Conrad, and the rest of upper V. She ran for camp president with Heidi as her vice presidential candidate. Sadly she was beat by . this doesn't damper her dreams of becoming a politician. Also, although she's a master debater, she was knocked out of the debate tournament by master debater Michael in a close round. In Ballooning, her characters were Bill Gates and Daffy Duck. She had various nicknames at camp. The two most known ones were latina chick and black widow. Her debate nickname was Dove, but was then later changed to black widow due to her apparently "complicated" social life. She was asked to the dance by Cooper and they proceeded to hang out during freetime playing cards. Due to complications, this relationtip was ended 1/4 of the way through the second dance. Naomi later ended up dancing with Preston. This dance turned into a full relationship. Naomi lived with Heidi and Abby. The three of them enjoyed having Oreo parties and random Dr. Phil moments. They by far had the most posters on their door. Together, along with a couple other girls, they performed a lip-sync routine to Wannabe by the Spice Girls. Naomi and Blake sang 'This Love' by Maroon 5 at the talent show. Naomi misses TIP like crazy and is dying to go back.

Davidson 2013, Term 2

also known as Shahnaynay (idek is that how you spell it)because of her inner black woman that Helen first pointed out.

Once again she is okay with taking random people out for burritos. She took . Her best friends were Maya and Helen. They were practically insperetable. She let Helen borrow her clothes alot. They were often seen with Elaine and Mattingly as well.

In class she was known for fueling the joke of Anthony and his love for calculators and Congratulations. She should also never be an EMT. She will, however, someday be in Lebanon and have to decode whether or not to start a war. Yay quantum computing! She entertained Emmaline by the fact that she replaced um... naughty words... With the word llamas. She also almost broke a computer system... Twice. Naomi also accidentally programmed an infinite counting program that only counted to 47.

Her superlative was most likely to be a Disney princess

Naomi, Helen, and Maya practically lived in the third floor lounge. They were seriously considering asking the RCs if they could live there.

Most of the guys at first thought she was a total bubblehead. Razi so wisely pointed out that it was all a test to see which people would put up with her bad side. This was true, but it was also an side effect of her excitement. This faded after a couple days. Thanks to Maya, she was introduced to a group of guys who became brothers (and a boyfriend) to her. These guys would be Javi, Jack, Bryce, Razi, and later George.(and max!)We are just going to skip the second week. No one shall mention the one-eared box! She went on to date Mason and the two could usually be found watching Sherlock together on Maya's computer which she was relluctant to loan out. (<3). They also went to summit together as their first "date" and it was really sweet. Naomi's RC shipped them. She earned a lot of nicknames this year as well: Queen of the girls, Loki, Shanaynay (inner black girl), Heather Ann (really b really), windmill (explanation below), and the Russian/ Chinese Spy. And don't forget Gretchen Weiners. She was able to convince multiple people that she was half Chinese- half Russian. Razi was then on convinced that she had an AK in her bag. Both Helen and Michael are convinced that she is black on the inside. She would often rap Eminem or another rap song with Michael or George. She knew every lyric to the song look at me now. During Latin songs she would always find her care bear Javi and dance with him. She and Geirge had sexy garbage bag prom outfits.

note: She has alot of crying parties on the last two days and can even make Elaine start bawling too. That's incredibly difficult.

Windmill: so when Maya just liked Jason and they weren't dating yet she would like to go up to the 3rd floor to talk to/ stalk him. One day Helen and Naomi didn't want to go so Maya said "come on guys you're my windmills" meaning to say wingwoman.

Georgia Tech 2014

She took Criminal Minds: Psychology and the Law. In class she was known for chair confusion, getting killed in Ultimate Werewolf, running into poles, and hijacking Power Points. She mainly hung out with Claire, Joey, Mason, Griffin, Will (aka Pacavi) and Kevin. Mason and Naomi (Miami) were pretty much back together on day one, but didn't become official until after the first dance. Naomi could often be seen following a wild Kevin. She will find a way to injure herself no matter what is going on. She was voted most likely to say "bro/brah/bruh" for her RAG superlative. She made the title for her RAG's termbook page (#noRAGrets). She was a member of Sonja's RAG who won TIPsync.

Fun Fact

She's a fucking bad ass.