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First year

Also known as LaVodka because that's the character from really b really that she would be. Naomi was heather Anne and Helen was Beatrice. She took modern medicine during term 2 at Davidson college. Her best friends were Naomi and Helen and were also referred to as her windmills. During the course of TIP Maya dated Jason then Razi then John. She was also often around Elaine and Mattingly. Maya, alongside Helen and Naomi, would frequent the third floor lounge. They practically lived there. I feel like there should just be a page on her um.... Unique.... Way of cuddling with Razi,and her 'spot' on the couch. She made sure Naomi didn't die during the second weekend. Out of the 3 musketeers, if I am remembering correctly, she was the first to get a kiss. cough cough nope. correction- it was helen This of course was with Benedict Cumberbatch.... John. She and Naomi are really good at doing this creepy doll voice thing that freaked their RC group out.

In fact they were pretty much good at freaking everybody out with their ring around the rosie song. Everyone should get the chance to be friends with this entergetic ball of amazingness.

Known as one of the three "sluts" of Davidson term 2 (Maya Naomi and Helen), Maya dated Jason, Razi, and John. John and Maya tried long distance but gave up soon after camp ended. Maya was also known for the dance she invented called the sexy kitty dance. She created this after she dissected a cat, then felt the need to dance over its dead body.*note, read bottom of page* This was also incorporated into the Cupid shuffle which she tended to do with Michael bc he was fun to dance with. A failed rapper Maya tried very hard to learn the lyrics to Look At Me Now from her rap mentor Naomi, unfortunately she failed and still can't get past the 1st verse.

One morning after her shower she thought she lost her lanyard, resulting in a panic attack that involved making her friends missed breakfast. Turns out her roomate Kate took her lanyard on accident and all was well. After finding her lanyard Maya proceeded to make out with it until Naomi reminded her that it had fallen in the mud previously. This is arguably boyfriend number 4.

See John Ellis because he is at TiP again. Hi Maya!

Arguable boyfriend number 5 was Jeraldo the Tutu, although it should really be arguable girlfriend since what kind of tutu would be a guy? 

Helen, Naomi, and Maya were also known fanatics of Mean Girls, even trying to wear pink on Wednesdays, which lasted about a week. Because of their love of the movie/religion, Maya was known as Regina George, Naomi was known as Gretchen Weiners, and Helen was known as Karen. Now that I think about it they were always compared to movie characters, another example being the movie Bolt, in which Maya was the cat thing and Helen was a Plastic Ball that died twice. :'(

  • note-> The dead cat event also resulted in her comparing the poor cat's fat to pudding, and she decided to point that out to Helen, who can't even look at pudding the same way anymore.
  • I just realized that rhymed. #blondmoment
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