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Heidi was one of DJ's cereal daters and the class, That's debatable new college term 2. She plays violin and dated Crispex, the cereal. She also was a part of squirting guys (Cooper) with perfume and hiding their shoes.( and Preston). This was her dorms "right of passage" for whoever Naomi was in a relationTIP with. Oh and she loved stealing Conrads hat. She always looked out for her friends and was super bubbly. At the same time, she could get extremely violent when she got angry. Shall we always remember Oreo parties, goldfish obsessions, and dancing randomly during Footloose. Heidi also got kick butt care packages which contained these amazing little rice candy things.

Also, if i might add, Heidi is the sweetest person on the entire planet like no joke this girl is amazing. She was genuinley nice to everyone and really cared about all of her friends and anyone that she talked to. I love you heidi!