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caelacelb The National Cupcake Club was the name of the Duke East Term I Politics in Practice class of 2005. Mark Harvey is the teacher, and "Sexy" was the TA.

The name of the group was coined by Jennifer Good who suggested that they should call themselves the National Cupcake Club because "who doesn't love cupcakes?" To many TIPsters at Duke East, Mark Harvey became known commonly as "The Cupcake Man".

Their shirt offered an image of Che Guevara in conversation with Fidel Castro about cupcakes.


  • John Bavlsik
  • Michael "Yuda" Yu
  • Alec Ewig
  • Will Feeney
  • Matthew Rigney
  • (was also part of Mark Harvey's group)
  • Josh Snyder (was also part of Mark Harvey's group)
  • Hunter Davis
  • Mark O'Meara
  • Alan Yanuck
  • Jim Mallernee
  • Maggie McLoughlin
  • Jennifer Good
  • William Simoneaux
  • Erin Heim
  • Allison Post
  • Jennifer Warren
  • Caroline Flowers
  • Natalie McIntosh
  • Ainsley Sutton

Their mascot was "Norm the Revolutionary Penguin". Such the Bear was also in attendance.

The NCC anthem was called "Overthrowin' the Gov'".

Things you might hear in class

  • "Gay people should be eaten."-Michael
  • "We're not above selling Jerry Fallwell bobbleheads."-Maggie
  • "Hunter, stop it! You need to be more confident!"-Jennifer Warren
  • "Ben is so sexy with all his good looks!"
  • "O-M-Jihad!"-John
  • "Look, man, there are a lot of Dicks in government...Dick Cheney, Dick Gephardt, Dick Armey..."-Mark
  • "Stupid man, get back in the f****** kitchen!" - Allison
  • "It must have something to do with my inferiority complex as a white person." -John
  • "My brothers died in a shootout, I never saw my sisters again, and my mom had two kids, became a prostitute, and died of AIDS." -Alec
  • "We should have elected Goldwater. I don't care if he nukes little children!" -Alan
  • "Why ain't you speakin' English to me, France-wuss?" -Mark
  • "I'll have a side order of jiggy wit' dat." -Mark
  • "If there was a Jedi Council of procrastinators, I'd be Yoda." -Michael
  • "I look like an 80 year old porn star..." -Alec
  • "We were trying to hide that we were American, except my mom's famingo purse gave it away." -Will