Caity Kohler

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Caity Kohler (also called Cate or Daddy Cate) attended Term 2 at Austin College in 2013. There, she took Creative Writing. She became friends with , Nina, and Emma, whose last names are lost to Cate's TiP history because she has the memory of a flea. She was RC'd by Princess, whose group TiPSynced to a Beyonce medley (it was a little bit a trainwreck.) She was unable to attend her second year. Her third year, she took Time Travel Narratives with the Rad Cat Dad Crew, Term 2 at Rice. She grew close to fellow TiPsters Reid Mansur (who attended the same class first year, but was not very close), , Katie Cardoza, Paula Deanda, and Sarah Carlson. Her RC group was led by Shelby, aka a Taylor Swift lookalike contest winner. Her group, at the hands of Scottie Pearson-Thomas, her beloved daughter, performed the Kidz Bop rendition of "Thrift Shop" for their TiPSync. After third year, Cate remained in close contact with the Rad Cat Dad group chat, Reid, and Zoe. She planned to sync up with many members of the esteemed chat for fourth year. The result was a fourth year wherein the stars who studded every waking moment were as follows: old friends Reid, Zoe, Hailey, and old faces but new friends and and . She took architecture, where she was the emo meme queen (a title passed down to Hailey Schoenberger, to be passed down to another of her choosing after her fourth year). She was in Maggie's RC group, arguably (totally) the best of her RCs. This group, Maggie and the Jets, frequently participated in the dramatic reading of "My Immortal," during which Cate voiced Draco Malfoy. They also could get down wholeheartedly on some Camp Rock. They TiPSynced to "Fabulous" from HSM2. While it is true that HSM2 is the best HSM, "Fabulous" is one of the weakest numbers, spouting sub-par vocals and an entirely unrelatable theme. This, combined with choreo too difficult for Cate's clumsy person, the sentimentality of other numbers, and the downright ridiculousness of Holden's incomprehensible performance, is what ultimately led to Cate's third and final failure at the competition. She and Zoe sang "For Good" (barely singing, it was more like musical weeping) at the talent show, happily and proudly carrying on an honored tradition. She, Reid, Lily, and Zoe were the components of "Doctor, Doctor, (Meme Edition)" wherein Cate solidified her status as Daddy Cate. Her favorite TiP memory is "Mr. Brightside" being played at her last ever TiP dance. This is because "Mr. Brightside" is a song that makes her feel like everything's going to be okay, which, if you have experienced or will ever experience a last TiP dance, is a feeling you will absolutely need. Her least favorite is Lanyardgate, arguably the biggest scandal of the 20teens. Cate, Lily, Grace, Reid, Zoe, Hailey, and Ceci revolutionized the "Cry Circle," a group of friends who stand in a tight ring sobbing their mascara off to "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz at every or nearly every dance. Cate is now a semi-frequent contributor to the meme-chitec-dogs group chat and is an avid participant in the everchanging title group chat. She is best known for her robot dab and her cringey fanfic ("yes, late as in dead"). She hopes to become an RC or a TA in the future.