Doctor, Doctor, (Meme Edition)

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"Doctor, Doctor (Meme Edition)" was written and performed by Caity Kohler, Reid Mansur, , and . Following the outline of the sketch, the cast was Daddy Cate (Caity), Kid w/ Pepe (Zoe), Dat Doc (Reid)*, and The Cinnamortician Roll (Lily). The child with a "pepe" (a pain), comes to Daddy Cate, crying. She holds a pepe the frog mask to her face. "Daddy Cate, Daddy Cate, I have a pepe!" Daddy Cate then says, "A pepe? Where?" The child points to her face, and Daddy Cate repeats the question "here" pointing at other parts of her body until finally reaching the face, where the child responds, "Yes, here!". Daddy Cate proceeds to call Dat Doc as the child collapses. "Dankest Memes Family Health Clinic, how may I assist you," Dat Doc answers. "Hello, I believe my daughter has a pepe. But that's none of my business," she says to the audience as she pantomimes sipping a mug. The doc and Daddy repeat the "here?" gag, until finally, Dat Doc points to the face. "Yes!" "I'll be right over." Then, he arrives, and declares the child dead. "As dead as Grumpy Cat dead?" Daddy asks. "Dead as Grumpy Cat dead," Dat Doc confirms. "Oh," says Daddy, "well, I better call the mortician's office." Ring ring! "Hello, Cinnamortician Roll's office, looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually pronounce you legally dead!" "Hello, my child is dead." "Dead as Grumpy Cat, dead?" "Dead as Grumpy Cat dead." "I'll be right over." They are then cut off by the director. This sketch is a testimony to this group of chums and will remain immortalized on this site (I hope the aliens find it in 5100.)

  • Note: This role is best played while in a state of dissociation.