Reid Mansur

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Reid Mansur attended Austin College Term 2 2013 and took the class Creative Writing. His teacher was Laura Tabor and his TA was Logan Brooks. Reid's RC was Charlie. His RC group won Most Creative in the TIP Sync Competition for their zombie apocalypse rendition of "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons. Over the course of the camp, he earned the names of,"Teddy," "Winnie the Pooh," "Pooh," "Pooh Bear," and "The TIPoetry Laureate." Reid was in no relationTIPs, although many were speculated. He also played the piano in the talent show. Reid is extremely active in multiple TIP Facebook groups and loves to stay in touch with his fellow TIPsters.

Reid was unable to attend his second year. He had intended to go to Rice University and take Inspired Writer. However, he was able to attend his third year. He was in Time Travel Narratives first term, under the instruction of Chase Erwin and Eloise "Ellie" Hulsbrink. He was in Micheal's RC group and performed "See You Again" as their TiPsync performance.. Reid became close to friends such as Caity Kohler, , , Paula Deanda, and Katy Cardoza. Reid is also known for his infamous rendition of "Helena" by My Chemical Romance, a song he performed with fellow TiPsters Caity and Hailey in their group "The TiPella Trio." His high vocal range shocked the crowd, causing tears of both sadness and laughter. Reid's most iconic possession of this year was , a 72 oz. navy Bubba gifted to Paula Deanda.

Reid spent his fourth year at Rice University Term 2 in Holden's RC group. He took Inspired Writer under Kenan Kerr and Em Ramser'a instruction. In this class, he was chosen to be on the editorial board for their website[1].He became close with his friends , , , Madison Wiser, McKenzie Morgan, and Morgan Gage. He was a perpetrator in the infamous Lanyardgate. His ultimate wish was for "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri to be played at the last dance but sadly his wish wasn't granted. He should have performed "For Good" with Caity Kohler at Term 2 2016, but stupid gender roles prevented that from happening He is active member of his class groupchat, "Yoshi's Youngsters" and the Everchanging Group Chat. One of Reid's most beloved stuffed animals is Uni, short for Rice University, who accompanied Reid in his fourth year journey. This year, he gifted Caity a 64 oz. purple and hot pink Bubba named Soupy Jr.

Reid is most known for his comments on "emotional bondage" and his nosebleeds, particularly prevalent in his third.