Tai Griffin

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Tai Griffin
Tai as "Birdman", a creation of Emily Gonzales, from the evening activity "Project Runway"
Name Tai Griffin
Residence St. Louis, MO
Nickname(s) Vlad and any name that you can work "Tai" into
Attributes Acting, Dancing, and Singing
Fields of Interest Theatre and Biology
RelationTiPs N/A
Other Likes dressing up in anything

Tai was a 3rd year 3rd year, that unfortunately couldn't come back for his fourth year. He was known for his TipSync's, his flamboyant personality, and his overall passion for TiP.

TiP History

Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2013 First University of Kansas I Med Sci A GSP Mitchell Alex T.
2014 Second University of Georgia II Sports Med Myers Hall Garphil Scott Westman
2015 Third University of Georgia II Scientific Advances That Feed the World Myers Hall David Robert Hellinga

First Year

In his first year at KU, Tai was very apprehensive about TiP, as most first years are. He was afraid of many things: Having a bad roommate, class, RC group, and pretty much everything in general. While he adjusted to the TiP lifestyle, he was still a little cautious going into the third week. After two weeks however, Tai grasped the TiP spirit and was fully engaged in his class and evening activities. One special instance of that was Tai and part of his RC group going to the evening activity "Beach Volleyball" with boxers over their shorts and towels tied around their necks, calling themsleves Batman, Captain America, Superman, and Aquaman (the lamest of the four)

Second Year

This year going into TiP, Tai was a lot more confident in his entry into the term. He was at one of, if not, the best TiP Campus' and terms: UGA Term II. This year Tai really learned what it meant to be a TiPster, through the dances, theme days and the fourth years at the campus. His roommate this year, Scott Westman, was a lot more suited for Tai's extroverted personality. This TiP experience really made Tai fall in love with TiP and with UGA

Third Year

After falling in love with UGA Term II, Tai returned, with renewed energy.

Tai's third year class

A Sidenote from Tai

I can't really explain my experience from 2015 in words. That's how good it was. It bewildered me. The friends I made, the people I saw go: indescribable. Human language does not satisfy the pure and raw emotion that TiP made me feel; not even close. And that's just how TiP is. Which is why I was devastated that I couldn't come back to this amazing place where everyone is loved and accepted no matter what

Note: Tai was passed down the fourth year hat by Connor Buehler this term, however, since he could not return he passed gave the hat to fellow UGA Tipster Chris Gregoire

Tai dressed as Superman for the first dance of the term: Superhero's and Supervillan's, with a group of fourth years


One of Tai's main aspects at TiP were his parts in TiPSync competitions, always helping his RC group achieve placings, usually involving him doing some random, arm and leg flailing action while on the ground. Whatever gets the points

Tai and his RC group in their TiPSync
Year Year at TIP Campus Term Song Awards RC Group
2013 First KU I "I'll Make a Man Out of You" Best Song Choice Mitchell's
2014 Second UGA II "Don't Stop Me Now" 1st Place Garphil's
2015 Third UGA II "Moskau" 2nd Place David's

Swampfest/DAWGfest Teams

Tai was notorius for being on teams that place last. Despite that, the teams that he were on generally win the sportsmanship and cheer portion of the competition. During his third year, Tai dressed up in a red king's cloak and crown, and was dubbed the "Fire Lord", and with Isabel Koolik, marched their team into DAWGFest. Tai has always competed in the Jello Snarfle, and always penguin slid in and sprinted back out a matter of seconds. He and the 4th year, Thomas Williford, had a photo finish in 2015.

  • 2013: Red Team- Wildfire- Fourth Place
  • 2014: Blue Team- B.orn L.eaders U.nited on E.verything- Fourth Place
  • 2015: Red Team- Fire Nation: The Mixtape- Tied for third Place (Still technically last)

Contact Info

Email: taigriffin456@gmail.com

Instagram: @suit_and__tai

Preceded by:
Connor Buehler
Wearer of The Fourth Year Hat Succeeded by:
Chris Gregoire
Connor Buehler passing The Fourth Year Hat down to Tai