Cat Hannahs

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Cat Hannahs
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Campus(es) KU, TAMU, RU
Attended 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Course(s) Aerospace Engineering, Astronautical Engineering, Engineering: Problem Solving, Global Policymaking
RAG(s) Marie's, Karen's, Steph's, and Aria's
Roommate(s) Morgan Churchill, Onyi Egbochu, Katy Wofford, Maddie Feik, and Denice Rios
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Cat Hannahs is a fourth year fourth year who attended KU her first year, Texas A&M her second year, and Rice University her third and fourth years, each year at term two. She is in a RelationTIP with Paul Farmer and has been since July 2013 at TAMU. They knew each other from their first year at KU but didn't start dating until around Roll Call the next year at TAMU. Cat Hannahs has done a lot at TiP such as receiving the Face of Slytherin at TiP in 2013 (passed down to her by Kat Cook) and winning Roll Call with her RC group at TAMU in 2013 and at RU in 2015.


  • Sang Brighter than the Sun in the Talent Show with Rebekah - KU 2012
  • Began a (so far) two year long relationTiP with Paul Farmer - TAMU 2013
  • Won Roll Call with her RC Group (Karen's) - TAMU 2013
  • Sang "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" with Onyi Egbochu in the Talent Show - TAMU 2013
  • Became the Face of Slytherin at TiP (passed down by Kat Cook) - TAMU 2013
  • Cat's RC Group won the Texas A&M Flag as a HootFest award - RU 2014
  • Unofficially became RU's most consistent and believable cross dresser (cross dressing for Roll Call both this year and the year before) - RU 2014
  • Part of the group of students who beat the staff in the Staff vs. Student Ultimate Frisbee Game - RU 2014
  • Won Roll Call with her RC Group (Aria's) doing "Slice" (and it was amazing and tear-jerking and perfect) - RU 2015

Years at TiP


Cat went to KU in 2012 for Term 2. She was enrolled in Aerospace Engineering with Instructor Richard Crawford and TA Samantha Johnson. She was in Marie's RC Group and they did The Creep by Lonely Island for the Lip Sync competition. She was also in the talent show, singing Brighter than the Sun with Rebekah. She met many great friends this year whom she would keep in touch with over the years to come. Included in this group of friends was Paul Farmer, who she went to the last dance with and would later date at TAMU the next year and Morgan Churchill, who she reunited with at Rice in 2014.


For her second year at TiP, Cat went to TAMU Term 2 in 2013. She was in Astronautical Engineering with Francesco de Dilectis (Instructor) and Danny Perez (TA). In this year, Cat met many great people and also began a relationTiP with Paul Farmer around the end of the first week. Her RC Group (Karen's) won the Roll Call at this term with the song I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers. Cat also performed in the talent show with Onyi and sang The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script. Being at TAMU Term 2 in 2013, Cat became a part of the last group to ever go to TAMU in the Duke TiP Summer Studies Program.


Cat went to Rice University Term 2 for her third year. She was in Engineering: Problem Solving with Idi-Imiri Murray (Instructor) and Jon Paul (TA). Cat was part of Steph's RC group who performed What is this Feeling for the Roll Call. Being a part of the first group of TiPsters at Rice and among just a few at Rice who had previously been to TAMU, Cat became a part of a group of people who helped set new traditions at Rice and bring over old ones from TAMU.

Inside Jokes

Cat developed many inside jokes with her friends over the years including...

  • Basement
  • Rada Rada
  • Herman
  • Nein Nein No Nein Nein
  • ER
  • Attic