Space Safari

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"Space Safari" is a "Sci-Fi" short film created by a group of TiPsters at Rice University Term Two 2014. It was created at a Saturday TiPstar activity following the movie Plan 9 from Outer Space. It was created to be a cheesy Sci-Fi film that makes everyone laugh and cringe in awkwardness. You can watch the film here.


  • Directed and Produced by: Cat Hannahs
  • Filmed and Edited by: Paul Farmer
  • Space Poachers: and Erin Swearington (as themselves)
  • Coneheads: Hannah Martin and Shelby Higgins (as themselves)
  • Space Zebra: Madison
  • Space Giraffe: Nailah Davis
  • Dennis: Nick Laws
  • Space Itself: Lauren