Paul Farmer

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Paul Farmer
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Campus(es) KU, TAMU, RU
Attended 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Course(s) Aerospace Engineering, Astronautical Engineering, Engineering: Problem Solving, Nanotechnology
RAG(s) December's, Ryan's, Austin's, and Conner's
Roommate(s) Rhys Switzer, Elijah, Jackson, Chris Nguyen, Jordan Ray, Patrick Kimball, George B., Eric Crenshaw, and Trenton Ornelas
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Paul Farmer is a current fourth year fourth year who attended KU in 2012, Texas A&M in 2013, and Rice University in 2014 and 2015, all for Term 2. He has been in a RelationTIP with Cat Hannahs since July 2013 at TAMU. They had known each other since KU the previous year and went to the last dance together but didn't start dating until around Roll Call at TAMU the next year. During Paul's third year at Rice, the title of Party Paul was passed onto him by . Paul Farmer lived out this title during his fourth year at Rice when he will pass the title on down to another third year Paul (or someone else who's name starts with a 'P').


  • Obtained a motto (to the tune of Farmer's Insurance jingle) - "He's Paul Farmer. Bum ba da bum ba da bum bum bum." - KU 2012
  • Sang Payphone by Maroon 5 in the Talent Show with a group of guys - KU 2012
  • Part of the winning AgFest team - TAMU 2013
  • Part of the winning group of TiPsters in the Staff vs. Student Ultimate Frisbee Game - Rice 2014 and 2015

Years at TiP


In 2012, Paul Farmer attended his first year of Duke TiP at KU Term 2. He was enrolled in Aerospace Engineering with Richard Crawford (Instructor) and Sam Johnson (TA). His RC Group (December's) performed Payphone by Maroon 5 for the Lip Sync competition and then Paul performed it again with a different group of various guys at the talent show (with Andy Hui on piano!). Paul did, however, make quite a few friends that he stayed in contact with over the years. He went on with them to the other campuses he attended in later years. Among these friends he met was one by the name Cat Hannahs whom he went to the last dance with and would later date.


In 2013, Paul attended TAMU Term 2 as a second year. He was enrolled in Astronautical Engineering with Francesco de Dilectis (Instructor) and Danny Perez (TA). In this year, Paul Farmer and Cat Hannahs began dating around the end of the first week. For Roll Call, his RC group (Ryan's) performed Kung Fu Fighting. He was not a part of the talent show at this term but he did record crappy videos of a few people's performances. Being at TAMU Term 2 in 2013, Paul Farmer was a part of the last group of TiPsters to attend TAMU as a Summer Studies location.


In 2014, Paul became part of the first group to attend Rice University Term 2 as a third year. He was enrolled in Engineering: Problem Solving with Idi-Imiri Murray (Instructor) and Jon Paul (TA). During this year, Paul's RC Group (Austin's) performed Fancy by Iggy Azalea for Roll Call and got disqualified for Endangerment of 200 TiPsters by exposing them to risk of concussion (they tossed Hershey kisses into the crowd). He was also part of the group that defeated the staff in the Staff vs. Student Ultimate Frisbee game for the first time in 16 years. At the end of this term, Paul received the title of Party Paul from , the original Party Paul. In his 2015 year as a fourth year, Paul will live up to the Party Paul title and pass it on to a third year who is worthy.


In 2015, Paul attended Rice University Term 2 as a fourth year, fourth year. He was enrolled in Nanotechnology with Mr. Hernandez (Instructor) and Aida (TA) and a part of Connor's RC Group. Known this year as Party Paul, he brought many party hats and balloons and often had parties with his suite mates after lights out. His RC Group marvelously performed Party in the USA for Roll Call this year. He got TiP-bola during the second week along with around half the camp and it was horrible, but he got better. On the last night, he discovered how to get onto the roof from his room and had a roof party all night with his RC Group along with other people who came down to join them. Overall, it was a beautiful wrap-up to four years of TiP for Paul.

Inside Jokes

Over the years, Paul has found himself a part of many inside jokes...such as:

  • Rada rada
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • ER (inside joke status: debatable)
  • Fwham!
  • Ding!
  • Nein Nein No Nein Nein
  • Herman
  • Damnit Dale

Favorite Quotes

  • "There is only one way to avoid criticism; do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing." -Aristotle
  • "A man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." -Chinese Proverb
  • "A mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work if it isn't open." -Frank Zappa