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The title of "Party Paul" is one to be passed down amongst the Term 2 TiPsters at Rice University. The original "Party Paul" was Paul Zoeller. His second year, in 2012 went to Texas A&M Term 1. There he became known as "Party Paul" as a result of an icebreaker game his class did, in which everyone had to say their name and a verb that starts with the same letter. His third year, at Texas A&M Term 1, Paul wasn't known as "Party Paul". In 2014, went to Term 2 at Rice University as a fourth year after previously attending Term 1 for two years at Texas A&M. He was widely known as Party Paul and indeed lived up to such a name. However, as the term came to a close, he decided to pass down the title to another third year Paul at the same campus and term. His name is Paul Farmer. He will live up to the title of Party Paul in 2015 as a fourth year and, as the term ends, he will select a new person to take on the title of Party Paul. The preference would be for there to be another third year Paul to take on the name, however in desperate measures any person with a name starting with a 'P' could potentially take on the title. So for now, the title of Party Paul lives on.

Unfortunately, Paul Farmer could not find a worthy candidate for the title from Rice Term 2, 2015, and he will keep the name indefinitely.

Party Paul is dead. Long live Party Paul.

List of Party Pauls

  • - 2014