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Lovett Hall on Rice University's campus

TiP Campus

McMurtry Residential College

In 2014 Rice University became a TiP Campus replacing Texas A&M as the Texas Campus due to the sad demolition of Moses hall. (However, it was later decided to be renovated and will start accepting co-ed students for the first time in fall 2015.) Tipsters stayed in the Brown College Dorms and eat in the Brown Commons. Dances were held in the Lovett College Commons in the 2014 TiP term. Classes were held in various classrooms around campus.

In 2015, the dorms used were the Sid Richardson dorms on the south end of campus. There, TiPsters ate in the servery downstairs for weekday breakfast and lunch, and in the nearby South Servery for dinner and weekend meals. Dances were held in the servery, with the fourth years moving the chairs and tables in the most-dreaded "4th Year Privilege".

In 2016, TIPsters stayed in Jones College dorms to the despair of many (the dorms were extremely confusing). Breakfast and lunch were served at West with great food, and dinner was held in Jones Commons. Classes were in various places on the Rice Campus.

Beginning in 2017, TIPsters have stayed in the McMurtry College dorms, which look like nice prisons. Meals are served in the North Servery. The dances are held in the Spaceship. Classes are in various places around the campus.


In 1911 the cornerstone was laid for the Institute's first building, the Administration Building, now known as Lovett Hall in honor of the founding president. On September 23, 1912, the anniversary of William Marsh Rice's murder, the William Marsh Rice Institute for the Advancement of Letters, Science, and Art began course work. 48 male and 29 female students were enrolled, paying no tuition, with classes taught by a dozen faculty. Unusually for the time, Rice accepted coeducational admissions. Administration Building, Rice Institute, Houston, Texas (postcard, circa 1912-1924)

Three weeks after opening, a spectacular international academic festival was held in celebration, bringing Rice to the attention of the entire academic world. Four years later, at the first commencement ceremony, 35 bachelor's degrees and one master's degree were awarded. That year, the student body voted to adopt the Honor System, which still exists today. The first doctorate was conferred in 1918.

During World War II, Rice Institute was one of 131 colleges and universities nationally that took part in the V-12 Navy College Training Program which offered students a path to a Navy commission.

The Founder's Memorial Statue, a bronze statue of a seated William Marsh Rice, holding the original plans for the campus, was dedicated in 1930, and installed in the central academic quad, facing Lovett Hall. The statue was crafted by John Angel (sculptor). The residential college system proposed by President Lovett was adopted in 1958, with the East Hall residence becoming Baker College, South Hall residence becoming Will Rice College, West Hall becoming Hanszen College, and the temporary Wiess Hall becoming Wiess College. John F. Kennedy speaking at Rice Stadium in 1962

In 1959, the Rice Institute Computer went online. 1960 saw Rice Institute formally renamed William Marsh Rice University. Rice acted as a temporary intermediary in the transfer of land between Humble Oil and Refining Company and NASA,for the creation of NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center (now called Johnson Space Center) in 1962. President John F. Kennedy then made a speech at Rice Stadium reiterating that the United States intended to reach the moon before the end of the decade of the 1960s, and "to become the world's leading space-faring nation". The relationship of NASA with Rice University and the city of Houston has remained strong to the present day.

The original charter of Rice Institute dictated that the university admit and educate, tuition-free, "the white inhabitants of Houston, and the state of Texas". In 1963, the governing board of Rice University filed a lawsuit to allow the university to modify its charter to admit students of all races and to charge tuition. In 1964, Rice officially amended the university charter to desegregate its graduate and undergraduate divisions.The Trustees of Rice University prevailed in a lawsuit to void the racial language in the trust in 1966. Rice began charging tuition for the first time in 1965. In the same year, Rice launched a $33 million ($244 million) development campaign. $43 million ($258 million) was raised by its conclusion in 1970. In 1974, two new schools were founded at Rice, the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management and the Shepherd School of Music. The Brown Foundation Challenge, a fund-raising program designed to encourage annual gifts, was launched in 1976 and ended in 1996 having raised $185 million ($275 million). The Rice School of Social Sciences was founded in 1979.

On-campus housing was exclusively for men for the first forty years. Jones College was the first women's residence on the Rice campus, followed by Brown College. According to legend, the women's colleges were purposefully situated at the opposite end of campus from the existing men's colleges as a way of preserving campus propriety, which was greatly valued by Edgar Odell Lovett, who did not even allow benches to be installed on campus, fearing that they "might lead to co-fraternization of the sexes". The path linking the north colleges to the center of campus was given the tongue-in-cheek name of "Virgin's Walk"r. Individual colleges became coeducational between 1973 and 1987, with the single-sex floors of colleges that had them becoming co-ed by 2006. By then, several new residential colleges had been built on campus to handle the university's growth, including Lovett College, Sid Richardson College, and Martel. In 2014 Rice University became the replacement campus for the totally awesome and rad Texas A&M Tipsters who were wrongfully removed from Texas A&M :(

In 2017 Rice became a center campus instead of academy.

Term 1 2014

June 08–June 28

  • Algebra II
  • Architecture II: Beyond the Foundation
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Engineering Problem Solving
  • Inspired Writer: Refining Your Creative Voice
  • Military Leadership and the Theory of Warfare
  • Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Sports Medicine
  • The Politics of Power
  • Villains in Literature and Popular Culture

Completed Projects from Term 1 2014

  • Legacies, add projects after each one is completed.
  • Project Creators of 2014: Juztin Gross, Peter Bonacci
  • Rooftop Rumble: Got on the roof of New Brown and had a party
  • Project Pregame: Everyone met in Pete's room before the dance and got extremely hyped off Red Bull and anything and everything that contained insane amounts of sugar.
  • Project End Brad $wag: Ceremonially smashed "Brad Swag's" chalice and videoed it.
  • The amount of projects for 2014 were cut short because not all supplies that were needed were available.
  • All projects that were not completed have been passed onto legacies for future completion.

Traditions for Term 1

  • American Pie (Fourth years in inner circle, take shoes and lanyards off and scream, "live! live! live!")
  • Waffle Sunday
  • Baby Shark
  • MOOSE!
  • Wormy
  • "Hey Tipsters!" "Hey What?"
  • 4th year guys: "1.2..3.. Go Jags" 4th year girls: "1..2..3.. Giraffes!"
  • Douchey the Douche
  • Chingus!
  • Sunday morning movie
  • Massive cuddle sessions
  • ER
  • Dammit Ahmad
  • Campfires(4th year boys)
  • 4th year sleepover on the last night
  • The crest challenge and doctor doctor

Relationtips for Term 1

  • Brianthony (Brianna and Anthony)
  • Brahiti (Sahiti and Brandon)
  • Samfia (Sam and Sofia)
  • Quiley (Riley and Quin)
  • Juzdi (Juztin and Madi)
  • Jimchel (Jimmy and Rachel)
  • Chiante (Dante and Chioma)
  • Complicated (Carson and Julia)
  • Marían(Brian and Maria)
  • Tabby (Taryn and Abby)
  • Michison (Madison and Micheal)
  • Nianna (Nick and Rianna)
  • Temma (Tyler and Emma)
  • Zacriella (Zach F. and Gabriella)

Term 2 2014

July 6–July 26

  • Astronautical Engineering
  • Cold War: From Allies to Adversaries
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics
  • Engineering Problem Solving
  • Inspired Writer: Refining Your Creative Voice
  • Military Leadership and the Theory of Warfare
  • Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Sports Medicine
  • The Pen as Weapon: The Art of Satire

Traditions for Term 2

The Rice Term 2 YouTube page was created by Paulina Borowski. Also, a couple of other Rice videos can be found here.

Notable Events

Term 1 2015

June 7th - June 27th

  • Architecture in the Urban Environment
  • Engineering Problem Solving
  • Geoscience Today and Tomorrow: Unlocking the Power of the Planet
  • Ideals in Action: Policymaking on a Global Scale
  • Inspired Writer: Refining Your Creative Voice
  • Military Leadership and the Theory of Warfare
  • Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Sports Medicine
  • The Fabric of Time and a Phone Box: Exploring Time Travel Narratives
  • The Politics of Power

Traditions For Term 1

  • Friday
  • Nose bleeds
  • Hand raising
  • Jeff getting traditional songs out of order
  • Lester
  • Papa Geo
  • Bill
  • MOM
  • One simple shoelace
  • American Pie (Fourth years in inner circle, take shoes and lanyards off and scream, "live! live! live!")
  • Waffle Sunday
  • Baby Shark
  • MOOSE!
  • Wormy
  • "Hey Tipsters!" "Hey What?"
  • 4th year guys: "1.2..3.. Go Jags"
  • Sunday morning movie
  • Massive cuddle sessions
  • 4th year sleepover on the last night
  • The crest challenge and doctor doctor
  • Memes
  • Queer Squad

Notable People

  • Nick (An RC at trinity in 2015) goes to school here
  • Neehar (engineering problem solving teacher for trinity campus) is earning his PhD in electrical engineering here

Relationtips For Term 1

  • Mardi (Marshall and Madi)
  • Bravery (Brianna and Avery)
  • Dantiti (Dante and Sahiti)
  • (Sam and Courtney)
  • Scugo (Scottie and Hugo)
  • (Jeremy and Lauren)
  • (David and Lauren)
  • (Ashley and Katy)
  • (Walker and Katy)
  • (Ian and Sarah)
  • Tashley (Thomas and Ashley)
  • Haddie (Harrison and Maddie)(erotically platonic)
  • Hobert (Hannah and Robert)

Notable Events For Term 1

  • Tropical Storm Bill
  • Flying lawnmower
  • The Chair

Term 2 2015


TiP-bola is the horrible disease that ravaged all the Term 2 TiPsters at Rice University. At least half the camp was infected at one point or another. It was the worst during week two. Symptoms included runny noses, fever, sore throat, and headaches. Treatment includes generic medicine or quarantine.



Tradition Songs

// it should be known that this song is a TAMU tradition, and is optional for 2016 traditions

Talent Show Traditions

  • TIP of My Heart
  • "For Good", from Wicked (Broadway musical)
  • Doctor Doctor
  • Crest Challenge
  • Fourth Year Speeches
  • Award Giving
  • Fourth Years go to 59 Diner

Term 1 2016

June 12th - July 2nd

  • Archaeology and Anthropology: Stones and Bones
  • Architecture in the Urban Environment
  • Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying
  • Engineering Problem Solving
  • Exploring Time Travel Narratives: The Fabric of Time and a Phone Box
  • Ideals in Action: Policymaking on a Global Scale
  • Inspired Writer: Refining Your Creative Voice
  • Military Leadership and the Theory of Warfare
  • Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology
  • Neuropsychology
  • The Politics of Power

Notable Tipsters



  • This was the term that everyone shipped the two RC's Holden & Maggie and created the Van Clark Family. Their RC groups were the original children until later when other TiPsters joined to become part of the family.

Term 2 2016

July 10th-July 30th

  • Algebra II
  • Architecture in the Urban Environment
  • Astronautical Engineering
  • Cold War: From Allies to Adversaries
  • Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying
  • Engineering Problem Solving
  • Ideals in Action: Policymaking on a Global Scale
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Inspired Writer: Refining Your Creative Voice
  • Neuropsychology
  • The Pen as Weapon: The Art of Satire

Notable Tipsters

  • Jace Nations - sent home after getting lit at the second dance. Soap.
  • Jazmyn Quann - honorary cheetah girl and a sucker for second years (Caden). Known for Mashed potatoes and Peesasters
  • Alyssa Crum - friend to everyone & runner-up for llama mama, deserves recognition for her love of everyone
  • Caden Hanson - Pulled 4th years as a 2nd year (went to the 1st and 2nd dance with the 4th year Jazmyn), couldn't throw a frisbee to save his life
  • Vincent the Savage - ur mom.
  • Alex Kalisz - All Star singer @ the talent show
  • Diego Yaffar - eyebrows & always minty fresh
  • Maximilian Janesik (Surfer Dude) - Despite tricking about half the camp into thinking he lived in Cali, he actually resides in North Carolina.
  • Alex Sowatzka - Had an insane chicken wing, and low key led the students to a W against the staff along with Diego and Surfer dude
  • Mika - pink aesthetic, sweetest person in the world
  • JT Hayden - went outside in a towel during the fire evacuation
  • Erick Velarde - Official owner and daddy to Big Texas
  • Sofia Ciancaglini - llama mama 2017 & creator of Rosita & total babe
  • Diamond Warren-Tucker - best friend of llama mama 2017 and most lit dancer
  • Zane Smith - Co-founder of Sodiboiz, Brother Bear 2017, and owner of the Gucci slides
  • Jack Kenney - Co-founder of Sodiboiz. Soap.


Tradition Songs

Talent Show Traditions

  • TIP of My Heart
  • "For Good", from Wicked (Broadway musical)
  • Doctor Doctor
  • Blender Challenge (in place of the Crest Challenge)
  • Fourth Year Speeches
  • Award Giving
  • Fourth Years go to Katz's Deli and Bar

Big Texas


  • Sofia Ciancaglini/Diamond Warren-Tucker (Fiamond)(equivalent to Jack and Zane's 'Jane')
  • Zach Ashford/Lily (Zily)
  • Max Janesick (surfer Dude)/Marissa Streng(Marfer Dude/Surfissa)
  • Zach Ashford/donut (Zonut)
  • Jalen/Lauren (Laurlen)
  • Zane/Grace (Grane)
  • Braden/Maya Preston/others (Braya/Brothers)
  • Xander/Erick (Xerick)
  • Tristan/Carly (Cristan)
  • Jordan/Noah (Joah)
  • Chance/Thomas (Thance)
  • Jack/Zane (Jane-bromance) (equivalent to Sofia and Diamond's 'Fiamond')
  • Jazmyn/Caden Hanson (Jaden)
  • Chelsea/Jack (Chack)
  • Vincent/ur mom
  • Kaylin/Lily (Kily)
  • Makenzie/Margaret (Markenzie)

Notable Events

  • Big Texas Heist - fight for no reason over a big pencil, hoyminoy
  • Popcorn Fire - Dev left his popcorn in the microwave for 5 minutes, set off the fire alarms & the camp had to evacuated Jones dorms
  • Students win ultimate game

Term 1 2017

June 11, 2017 - July 1, 2017

  • This term, it was a Center campus as opposed to an Academy one.


  • Allison (Fourth year girls)
  • Anaija
  • Anesia
  • Ashley
  • Bryant
  • Claudia
  • Dakota (the cowboy)
  • Daniel
  • Eva
  • James (Fourth year guys)
  • Lenna


  • Game Theory Economics
  • Microeconomics
  • Spy 101
  • Historical Epidemiology
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Ethics in Science Fiction
  • Architecture in the Urban Environment
  • Criminal Trial Advocacy
  • Policymaking on a Global Scale

Notable TiPsters

  • Jenna Ward, for giving the fourth year speech that made everyone cry
  • Brian, for shaving his head for TiPsync and earning the nickname "Caillou". It was used so often to the point where people didn't know his name. Even I don't know his last name.
  • Jakob, for complimenting every girl on how they looked, asking how they slept, asking what they ate for lunch, and trying to sway them with bad French.
  • Quinn, for the Snake Raisin Poem, the Target White Shirt Poem, and the dramatic reading of My Immortal
  • Isha, for spraining her ankle... and then hurting it worse... sigh...
  • Giacomo, TA for Ethics in Science Fiction (even though he wasn't a TiPster), for being a gay squirrel-hating Italian


  • (dabs furiously)
  • Shouting "Marx" during Darude Sandstorm
  • The Macarena...
  • Doctor Doctor
  • "Everything is blue: his jorts..."
  • Fourth-Year IHOP adventure


  • It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) - R.E.M.
  • American Pie - Don McLean
  • The Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Can't Help Falling in Love -Hailey Reinhart
  • Sandstorm - Darude


  • Meredith/Connor
  • RC Bryant/Debates
  • RC Bryant/RC Lenna(Friendzoned)
  • TA Adam/I Donnie
  • Dylan/ Caroline
  • Chaucer/Daniel
  • Blake/Becky
  • RC Alison/I Donnie
  • Japanna/Jenny
  • RC Ashley/RC Dakota (they're like best friends in all honesty)
  • Faith/Robert
  • Lou/Catherine
  • Fish/Alex G.
  • Valentina/Jonathan
  • Sarita/Jacob
  • Blake/Patrick (Platonic)
  • Andreana/Mira (Platonic as well)
  • Allison/Literally anyone other than Jackson

Notable Events

  • On the last day of TiP, when a certain group of guys stood in the dining hall yelling "Oof!" over and over again for a good three minutes
  • Someone (not staff) shouting "HEY TIPSTERS!" when someone was about to do a promposal
  • The magnificent "Fleas on Rats" performance
  • The defilement of American Pie by said guys yelling "Oof!" (justice was served)
  • (not TipPropriate)
  • Brian's evolution into his final form of Caillou
  • The "Caillou Won" Conspiracy
  • The Pride Party hosted by Claudia's RC Group
  • Jim Maple's mild harassment (few will understand, many will get)
  • Bryant's RC Group doing an uncoordinated Macarena as their last-minute TipSync routine
  • The banning of My Immortal and all fanfics in Ethics in Science Fiction
  • The banning of mentioning Peter Sloan in Ethics in Science Fiction
  • That one time a bunch of guys wore feminine clothing for no particular reason
  • Catherine Kenner slapping a disrespectful second year boy not once, but twice.

Term 2 2017

July 9 - July 29 Rice Term 2 was an interesting time.


  • Dakota
  • Bryan
  • Bryant
  • Matt (Mom)
  • Deborah
  • Emma
  • Maggie
  • Eva (S/O cause she's epic af)
  • Ashley
  • Reanna
  • Claudia
  • Lenna
  • James
  • Reanna
  • Idk who else lmao


  • Rubi Gonzales (we love you even if we didn't always love your lectures <3)
  • Sydney Ray (thank you for all the incredible buttons you're #1)
  • MISTAAAAAA G (Enough said.)
  • Griffin Braid (The one who always parties)
  • Dan the Meme Lord (ignores Bader's pointless lectures by being on his phone)
  • Matthew LeVine (big daddy moustache baller)
  • Dadam (the father)
  • Will (the son)
  • law (the holy ghost)


  • Abnormal Psychology (you mess with the crabbo you get the stabbo)
  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • Criminal Trial Advocacy
  • Astronautical Engineering
  • Historical Epidemiology:Pathogens, Plagues, and Patient Zero
  • Game Theory: Economics
  • Macroecomonic
  • Philosophy in Literature and Film
  • Ideals in Action: Policymaking on a Global Scale
  • Spy 101: Crytology and Number Theory
  • Creative Chronicles: The Intersection of Narrative and History

Notable TiPsters

  • Christopher Green who was in Ab Psych and spread around the crabbo meme and created the satanic hairbrush and had 0 chill (and also Johanna and Reilly for dealing with him)
  • Katherine Dou for always being loud and oversharing and being kinda cringy but we love her anyway (and also Bryanna and Mary for dealing with her <3)
  • Ged the fidget spinner master
  • Fedora Guy aka Noah
  • Fedora Kiddo aka Eli
  • Ted Cruz aka takeoff aka Jackson aka zodiac killer
  • Roge or Roug or Ruge however it's spelled apparently everyone knows him
  • Comrade Squirrel
  • Bob or Böb: a 2nd year who was an honorary 4th year. He sat with the 4th years at the meals and eventually became one of us. What a guy.
  • Momma's Boys
  • the dream meme prosecution team (ameena, kacey, noah, & tyler)

Notable Events

  • Griffin screwing up Darude Sandstorm at the first dance and never living it down
  • The ping pong showdown
  • Single Ladies at TipSynch
  • James' rc group getting robbed of the tipsync 1st place because of their props
  • the staff rigging the staff v student ultimate game by stopping the game before the score limit was reached right when the students got on a 4-1 run because it was "too late and dark out"
  • rheanna prom-posing to brian
  • will freestlying


  • "Mess with the crabbo you get the stabbo!" with hand motions.
  • lmao every other class was lame like did you even live no one knows ur traditions feel free to add also *Edit- Sure, I'll take you up on that offer.
  • Playing a whole lot of cookie dealer at lunch and dinner and at parties
  • Millan sneaking food from the cafeteria out in those little coffee cups
  • Catie falling asleep in class lmao allll the timeee
  • The Fundamental Rule of Rational Economic Choice (Econ kinds will understand)
  • being shuttled back at the slightest sound of thunder (IT WAS SOOOOOO ANNOYING)
  • Rick yelling out random Communist propaganda during Macroeconomics class.
  • Dylan being an absolute god at ERS and beating Caroline in about 5 minutes
  • The salt and pepper sliding game
  • jackson/ted Cruz eating a tortilla with butter whenever they had tortillas at dinner or lunch


  • all of the rap songs that James' group requested that never got played smh
  • NOT the Pokemon Theme song what the heck guys
  • NOT "The Baddest" either like c'mon
  • Careless Whisper by Wham!
  • Hoedown Throwdown by Miley Cyrus
  • "It's the End of the World as We Know It"
  • "Time Warp"
  • "American Pie" so sad


  • Dylan/Caroline (love you cho ❤️)
  • Cooper/Sarah
  • Ryan/ Reilly ❤️
  • ^^ Discount Cooper/Discount Sarah ^^
  • Unknown Tipster/Steak Sauce
  • Asa/Kelsey
  • Ian/Isabelle
  • Pradyun/Meenal
  • Sean/India
  • Daboh/Malik
  • Connor/Sofia
  • Shaunak/Johanna
  • Omar/Suhanna

Term 1 2018




Notable TiPsters

  • Jacques Hall- First TiPster King of ERS; defeated RC Chris Myers on June 17 at 18:34:48
  • Brian Kling- Second TiPster King of ERS; defeated Jaques Hall on June 18 at 21:11:33
  • Dylan Li- Third TiPster King of ERS; defeated Brian Kling on June 19 at 20:46:38
  • Michelle Lee- First TiPster Queen of ERS; defeated Dylan Li on June 22 at 15:36:35 and is an actual queen
  • Dylan Li- Fourth TiPster King of ERS (again); defeated Michelle Lee on June 26 at 16:45:50
  • Stephen Noh- 'Daddy' (Stephen is daddy) and hates K-pop
  • Leo Doan- stole a pie
  • Omar Jamil- the hottest, bestest dancer in the history of TIP- NO the history of the world, catch him in the act in the fourth floor lounge. Jumped on the judges table during performance of “Hey Ya” in TIPsync. Kept it live everywhere at anytime at anyplace.
  • Rojan Sanyal - being Rohanna


  • The King Of ERS Button (Pickle Rick Button)
  • Fourth years get into circle in the middle during American Pie
  • TiPsters lose their freedom
  • Daily lockouts
  • Admin freaking out about thunder
  • Doctor Doctor
  • Midnight Munchies for fourth years

Traditional Songs Played at Dances


  • Rohan/Flexing = Roxing
  • RC Chris/RC Christina = Tina (jk. chill they are just friends)
  • Sofia/Ryan = Ryfia
  • me/ur mom=dad
  • RC Harper/RC Sam = Samper
  • Carly McDonald/Her ramen = Carmen
  • Carly/Jared (she's cheating on her ramen!!)
  • Victoria/Henry=Victory
  • Isaac/Andy= Aaac
  • Omar Jamil/Sophie=Sophar
  • Lucy/Jacques= Jucy (pronounced with a french j sound (zuci)
  • Mitch/Omar Jamil= the most beautiful relationTIP. Mitch continuously played hard to get, but Omar kept at it. High key not a thing but low key your favorite thing.
  • Mitch/Heather= Shelito
  • Adam/epic gamer moments = Stage 5 terminal cancer.
  • Omar Jamil/Literally everyone= best hypeman ever
  • Daniel/Katherine=Kathel
  • Ryan/Max = Rax
  • Megan/Sahil
  • Maddie/Sarah/Sofia = Mafirah
  • Mitch/Heather/Omar Jamil/Nelson/Mitch's dogs= The love pentagram. A scary saga.

Notable Events

  • Spilk (courtesy of the fab five)/ Dr. Pilk
  • TiPsters figuring out how to make ombre drinks with all the drink and juice options in the servery and making them at every single meal
  • Fire drill/ear destruction
  • Modern Programming's LAN Minecraft world
  • A Lot of Rain
  • Dead Water Pipes (no water)
  • Extremely Brown Water with Black Specks when pipes were fixed
  • Is water wet? (It is)
  • Hootfest
  • TIPsync
  • Rohan becoming Rohanna
  • The creation of the Furby Cult
  • fourth floor lounge ~dancing~ and zumba/yoga
  • defection of students to staff team in ultimate frisbee staff v. student game. Led to upsetting lose, 5-6
  • the Pie heists
  • Shelito
  • Dos
  • a guy almost hit our bus on the way to PuttPutt Fun House and then at a stoplight got out of his car and knocked at our window
  • the single rooms look like prison cells rip
  • Slideshow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li4esufIpwc
  • The Fourth Floor Lounge, Stairwell B
  • Students on the last day attending the 5th floor
  • The Sixth Floor

Term 2 2018


  • Fernando
  • Chris Myers=daddy/cjizzy/mommy
  • Sam Unger
  • Harper
  • Kimani
  • Kynnedi
  • Alana
  • Jerneice
  • Anna
  • Julia
  • Alexis
  • Morgan
  • Caitlin
  • Johnny (you shall be dearly missed 🙏)
  • Kenneth



Notable TiPsters

  • Emma Guan (we stan a queen)
  • Kendall (thot knot)
  • Ash (bluerple)
  • Alan Moon (Cedar man and biggest admirer of Emir)
  • Kenny Tsao (incoherent yelling/wanna-be hypebeast)
  • David Shu (always late to rc gatherings/meetings)(and class)
  • Grayson (4 shots of esspresso, 5 hour energy drinks during class, and a great actor. caffeine does a lot to him or at least he acts like it)
  • Michael Chen (self proclaimed "Tip-Ship" god and has the best nails)
  • Kenneth Rangel (looks 35, honorary RC for 4th year boys, best deepthroater 🍆)
  • John Woodruff (sprained his ankle, national hero)
  • Yazzy B
  • Arya (tried to diagnose an 11-year-old with schizoid)
  • Tyzic (cheats in go fish & constantly gives bre an attitude)
  • Lucy SUGARwa(being loud)
  • Madeleine (sassy little angry bird)
  • Annie Leow (changed tyzic’s email account profile pic to a rainbow penis so when he submitted a paper, an instructor saw it)
  • Nushana Huq (gød)
  • Daniel Moulin (waffles suck smh fite me)
  • Rick Huang and Samuel Erben (co-founders of the Duke TiP Communist Party)
  • Keith Bae (High Priest of the Sam Cult)


  • Fourth years get into circle in the middle during American Pie
  • Doctor Doctor
  • Midnight Munchies for fourth years
  • Singing "Happy Birthday" every day at a meal
  • If she breathes, shes a THOTTT
  • Torchy's for Chris's RC night-out
  • Caitlin:What's cooler than being cool?

Everyone: Ice cold! Everyone:*continues to talk*

Traditional Songs Played at Dances


  • Bella/Kendall
  • Andreana/Madeleine
  • Raein/Leah Mei
  • Kayla/Kayla's RC Group
  • Lucy/JJ
  • Noah/Fedora
  • Sanjay/Jessica
  • Sophie R/Skylar/Caitlin/Cheesecake named Derek
  • Raein-The Love Pentagon / Square Pyramid
  • Mary/Boba
  • Lampton/Alyssa
  • Christie/Daniel (The European Union)
  • Emma/Jackson
  • Sophie/Elliot
  • David/Fiona
  • Kenny/Kaylie
  • Emily/Daniel
  • JJ/Terriaki Chicken
  • Katherine/Chris
  • Sydney/Emir
  • Mo/Greyson
  • Charity/Chris L (Charity ended it)
  • Frank/Raj
  • Caitlin (rc)/Napping
  • Bre/Tyzic
  • John/Sofia
  • Alyssa/Chris L
  • Arya/Annie (they claim they’re friends but we know better)

Notable Events

  • Patrick busting Kendall's eye with a door
  • Campus-Wide revolt against dress code
  • Everyone chanting despacito at dance
  • 4th year boys coming back from target with a fridge , slip and slide , and 6 bottles of silly string
  • Kayla/Kayla's RC Group
  • 4th year boys screaming about weather or not Esports are sports for an hour
  • MC GANG (best minecraft parody song)
  • Fourth-years boys being walmart
  • Everyone coming up and singing I'll make a man out of you during TIPsync
  • Biomedical Ethics class summoning the clout bus
  • 4th year boys singing happy birthday to Cody on the last day, when it wasn't, prompting everyone to wish Cody a happy birth day
  • The TiPedemic
  • 4th year boys performing Stacy’s Mom at Tipsync
  • Then proceeding to perform it again at the second dance
  • The boys that did Rasputin
  • Then performing it at TiProm
  • Caitlin accidentally avoiding bowling like the plague
  • *The 4th year boys trying their hardest to find a hose for their slip and slide , ultimately failing :(
  • The Infamy of 2018
  • Julia’s RC group and Overwatch
  • Professor Gold singing at the talent show
  • Everyone thought they were going to get raped or murdered at the sketchy "fun house"
  • that one fourth year getting hit in the head with a shoe during American Pie at TIProm
  • Kenneth and Frank singing see you again at the talent show, while looking at the lyrics on their phone
  • Everyone stanning Frank the entire term
  • The 4th year boys being wild & not having a real RC watch them,, ever
  • Bob literally being Bob
  • Like midway through the talent show music just started playing and it became the continuation of our dance, which was cut short the night before.
  • RC Sam Unger gets a cult in his honor, him being worshipped as a god
  • Blue team having the most spirit for Hootfest , coming in dead last for the first 5 events , then winning all events afterwords
  • That sad moment after TiProm that someone was playing sad piano music while everyone was hugging goodbye

Term 1 2019




Notable TIPsters


  • crest challenge got axed
  • fourth year student union privileges revoked
  • only being allowed to say "live live live" only during american pie
  • Rice purity test is definitely still a thing nobody tell dakota
  • fourth year sunset picnic in the field near the "twilight epiphany" art piece

Traditional songs played at dances


  • Will/Cutoff Shorts
  • Jordan/Jaap Blonk
  • Knox/Lucianne
  • Dan and Rose(their son Wesley kinda glows)
  • Sam/Ezra
  • Yasmin/Aidan
  • Fourth year girls/the Club Penguin dance
  • James/Tara
  • Tyler/Reagan
  • Knox/Sam (Epic Bromance)
  • Charlie/Celeste
  • Rudolf/Sally
  • Miles/Brianna
  • Jacob/Emma A
  • Danube/Grace

Notable Events

  • The fire drill killing our hearing abilities
  • The Thirsty Games (hunger games with water) getting cancelled due to lightning (literally nobody was that disappointed)
  • Mrs. Muna telling Meagan’s RC group after their performance at TIPsync that she was still waiting for them to perform tonight
  • Jonah's RC group did let it grow for TIPsync and at the end they pretended to plant a tree in Jonah's mouth.
  • Dakota and Brando yelled at all the fourth years and nobody actually knew why they were mad
  • Maegan refusing to cook ramen more than 2 times a week for her RC group
  • Green lanyards tried to throw their shoes into the inner circle during American Pie and they hit two fourth year girls in the back of the head and one fourth year boy in the face. One of the girls got a concussion.
  • Nicole, Yasmin and Skyler made a finger painting of Dakota during an evening activity
  • one of the fourth year boys keeps making chicken breast ice cream sandwiches
  • The Breakfast Heist of 2019
  • Hootfest (Field day) getting moved to the evening and half of the events being cut because it got dark
  • Students absolutely destroying the Staff at Ultimate Frisbee
  • Spy 101 held an auction with Modern Programming for signed Polaroids of their TA, Tim, and made $25
  • Dakota shaved his beard and went from looking like he's 20 to looking like he's 13
  • The Box Fort in lounge 3B on the last night. (Box Fort 👏👏)
  • The last night had upped security: the halls were monitored all night, tape was put on our doors so it would rip if we tried to sneak out, and there were agressive knocks on doors for about an hour after lights out every time someone was heard awake or with others in their room
  • Two fourth year girls started singing All Star, and when we sang "My world's on fire, how about yours?" A fire truck passed by which is a big mood.
  • Formation of Sink Cult which worships laminar flow
  • Several independent D&D campaigns with tarrasques and shrek
  • Marina fell and dislocated her right knee during the last dance and had to go to the ER, thus missing the tradition songs. Marina's dislocated knee
  • Talent show: Max the 4th year giving us legendary card tricks, Lee reciting the fitnessgram pacer test as spoken word
  • Two wills got left out of the term book. They're posted here: Redacted Wills Rice 2019
  • Sonny got up on a chair during dinner and yelled “hey tipsters who wants to go to the dance with me”

Term 2 2019

List of RCs



  • Hannah Wolf, Modern Programming TA
  • Muna Saqer, Modern Programming Instructor
  • Mahtab Heydari, Astronautical engineering; creator of Mahtab's Table
  • Joseph Brooks, Astronautical engineering
  • Dr. Fairweather, Historical Epidemiology Instructor
  • Emily Orlick, Historical Epidemiology TA
  • Amelia Wheeler, History of the Future Instructor
  • Katy Swiere, History of the Future TA
  • Sakah, "Engineering" for "Fun" TA
  • Trent Gilliam, "Engineering" for "Fun" Instructor
  • Mirthia Prince-Figuero, Architecture In the Urban Environment TA
  • Lauren Phillips, Architecture in the Urban Environment Instructor (yike)
  • Danielle Purdue Spy 101 Instructor
  • Timofey Kolenikov, Spy 101 TA
  • Brianna Richmond, Social psych Instructor
  • Pooja Shankar, Social psych TA
  • Professor Jermaine Johnson, Criminal Trial Advocacy Instructor
  • Kristen Vickneer, Criminal Trial TA
  • Elliott Voorhees, Words that Matter
  • Emily Ramser, Words that Matter
  • Roshni Jain, Great Minds Meet Big Money TA

Notable TIPsters

  • The KKKKK
  • Thomas , certified mom/ britney, giver of good hugs
  • Nik, haver of strokes and drinker of milk
  • Rick: Literally just a tree that makes bad memes
  • Emily , the godfather of TiP
  • Asher, not for good reasons
  • Chaz, sexy ballet king
  • Spencer Leach, Pokémon go addict.(reached level 28 in 8 days).Iq smaller than his dick
  • Louis/Humberto , rest in power
  • Milan, self-destructive honorary fourth-year
  • David DePrang, db squared, magician, addicted to altoids, sweetest person ever
  • Noah , RIP fedora guy
  • Riya, battery dealer and truth or dare god (tie dye croc kid)
  • Trevor, he's got it going on
  • Sofia, making TiP much more thotty and loml
  • Will 2^, hentai whores
  • Finnley, absolute beast and loml
  • Tony , treesus, spinch, and BEANS
  • Audrey , e thot and best mom
  • Jackson, your average card against humanity dealer
  • Logan, conservative guy, and spiller of coke
  • Sloan, the best Sharpay ever
  • Liv, kid who made TA Kristan cry for 2 hours in a sonic drive trough
  • Gabby, a bioterrorist who listens to kidz bop unironically
  • Lucy, she’s the one who got attacked by a squirrel
  • Niko, the Niko Niko Nee Pervert
  • Owen, the creator of shuldery
  • Andres, almost split his head open on concrete, however his hair protected him
  • Christina, 4th year babey with an adorable pastel aesthetic and ramen
  • Angela, the girl who held the door open everywhere (honorable fourth year)
  • Rohan and Mark, harbingers of chaos and weird crossword puzzles


  • a CANCELED campers vs. RC ultimate frisbee game
  • Kick, kick, kick-kick DROP during the Cha Cha slide
  • chunky water
  • thot knots (Britney bows)
  • "Structured" Free time
  • Pokemon go consistency getting banned on walk to class
  • "DIE DIE DIE , LIVE LIVE LIVE , TIP TIP TIP , MORE MORE MORE!" during American Pie bc apparently no one knows about sex
  • Rice purity scores being gang weed
  • “Partake”
  • Communal Brushing
  • Officials scrambling to find activities so TIPsters don’t have more than 2 hours of free time at a time
  • Snorting condiments such as salt
  • Kissing the dead guy statue (crim trial)
  • Supervised free time
  • cotton eyed joe @ every dance

Traditional Songs

  • Time Warp
  • End of the World
  • American Pie


  • Sofia/Audrey (gang weed, best twerkers)
  • Asher/literally anything with a [redacted] or a [redacted] (garrett)
  • RC Jackson/ Hating Spencer who didn’t actually do anything
  • RC Mo/ tipster drama
  • RC Chris/ Pokemon GO
  • Fourth years/ Room 222
  • Dakota/ putting everyone in the space ship
  • Boys/ Super Smash Bros on the switch
  • Jones/treesus/BEANS
  • Spencer/His dreams with Thomas
  • 5th Year Emily/ weird shit like onion cereal, crocs, kazoos, and mini cards
  • RC Maegan/ going to bed
  • Jones/ Treesus (rip)
  • 4th years/ like 2 greenies
  • Serena/ Christina, asian luvers
  • Christina/ being baby
  • Grace/ David
  • Josh/ Riya's fucking sick crocs
  • Tanner/Niko (Tiko)
  • Emma/Andrei
  • Ash/Autumn
  • Spencer/his dick
  • Nikolai/his gamer juice
  • David/Jello and Nut
  • Grace/David <3
  • Trinity Term 2 kids/cliqueness
  • Riya/Jamson iykyk 11:11
  • Grace/her hat and sprite
  • Mo's RAG/The 2A stairs
  • ladies/Noah's veiny arms (y'all wildin)
  • Pohsu/Daniel
  • Garrett/Anushka
  • Finnley/Oliver
  • Zara/Colin
  • Milan/coffee and advil
  • spy 101/collabing with almost every class

Tip Sync

1st place: Toxic 2nd place: Single Ladies 3rd place: Fireflies


1st dance: Luau themed 2nd dance: Neon themed 3rd dance(tip prom): Hollywood themed

Notable Events

  • LSU kids coming to Rice University because of Hurricane Barry
  • The outrage of having to watch two movies on movie night
  • Fourth year girls twinning as e thots during spirit week causing an E gthot epidemic
  • Noah falling asleep and waking up to 5 RCs outside his door saying that they're going to call the police
  • The RC'S making fun of Dakota between TIPsync and the results
  • Hootfest failure(red team only won because of costume participation points)

^^^yall just salty smh

  • Room 222
  • Chaz ballet tipsync
  • Thomas thot dropping during toxic with his "Brittney bows"
  • The petition to make Dakota sing bad guy, started by Shatz and Andrei (got more votes than there were people at Rice)
  • Nik has a stroke and writes “most most most like most glasses” instead of “most likely to wear glasses”. This leads to Andres’s class superlative becoming “most most most like most glasses”
  • KKKKK shabbat dinner
  • the sketchy ass putt putt fun house(putt putt crack house)(goodwill chucky cheeses)
  • Louis breakdancing at the second dance
  • The boys re performing toxic at second dance
  • replacing all scheduled activities with movies
  • Big stone dildo (FAR LEFT, Dakota) in the Menil Museum but then the surrealist painting of the boob face for the architecture field trip
  • everyones obsession with TA Tim
  • chat with the executive director of TIP but she knew nothing about less free time and no fourth year privileges, making her just a puppet for main admin
  • Pokemon Go scandals
  • The puns from the tip sync judges
  • Bruh moments
  • The funeral of treesus with a procession
  • moes mad
  • crocs and crying in criminal trial
  • sack of rice! sack of rice! sack of rice! and the first sighting of our Lord Carpet
  • humburto singing we will rock you @ breakfast (miss you man)
  • balm squad in Victoria’s group
  • fourth years and jackbox
  • 4A lounge girls after lights out
  • “I get paid for this” “I could keep y’all all night” -Mr.Yeehaw
  • Brando’s group getting milk
  • 3f stair a (y’all know where it’s at)
  • Nik drinks an entire godamn gallon of milk in one day
  • Logan’s hand tremors( the Great Tremor of 2019)
  • That one time that Jack got caught yelling Penis in Founder’s Court near a bunch of college girls and got everyone to march like Prisoners-Of-War back to their rooms
  • Lucy getting attacked by a squirrel during break week 2(criminal trial advocacy)
  • David being the sweetest human being ever in criminal trial
  • cards against humanity
  • truth or dare
  • lounge 4a shenanigans
  • red team: what are we? confused! when do we want it? now!
  • David saying “Professor McNutt” in his monotonous David voice. Emphasizing Nutt(during Murder Mystery evening activity)
  • Waving at people with phone flashlights from the windows across the dorms
  • Long distance ERS
  • TRINITY TERM 2 2018


  • Murder on my BRUH
  • "women cant wear hats"
  • TEXAS>nebraska
  • Alpha Alpha Alpha/Alpha Alpha Hetero
  • "No means yes, yes means anal!"
  • oliver running and screaming "stooooop" ahahaha
  • its pretty metal in here
  • Engineering for fun writing nice notes to Tina(The nice woman who vacuums the room after we make a big mess) on the board, resulting in a very sweet pen pal and her bringing us cupcakes
  • The first heist: successful, jones was captured for ~40min
  • Dakota making everyone’s dreams come true by singing “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish(at tip prom)(see the petition^)
  • gastro doc Ohio cost for shark
  • isaac eating 8 slices of pizza in like 10 minutes + 3 boxes of milk, lots of cookies, and 2 ice cream sandwiches and a huge bowl of grapes
  • Mo making everyone cry at the talent show by singing rivers and roads
  • 4th year Emily playing the ussr anthem on the kazoo while other 4th years ate pizza at the talent show(and then everyone stood to respect the anthem)
  • the fucking penises on the wall in a lounge covered up by a hawaiian calendar
  • dr dr skit at the talent show(he’s dead!...dead as the bodies in the basement of putt putt funhouse dead?... dead as the bodies in the basement of putt putt funhouse dead)(he’s dead... dead as fourth year privileges dead?... dead as fourth year privileges dead)(he’s dead!... dead as free time dead?... dead as free time dead)
  • trying to find parking at the houston zoo
  • "im the scientist! i have all the pdddds"
  • spending 20 minutes looking at ducks at the zoo
  • the staff cussing more than us
  • the whole camp staying up till 4
  • grace's 48 hr sprite challenge failed at 43 hrs because of a reverse huger strike (sorry Issac)
  • the silent protest to the acts of tip admin after sexual harassment >:(
  • cotton eyed joe (PERIODTTT)
  • flushing all the toilets at 1am on the last was sort of cool bc flushing them took so long since everyone did it at once, but sort of a flop bc it did nothing
  • ”RIGHT, LEFT, UP TO JESUS!” also we did it with phone flashlights
  • The open concept lounge
  • Andres almost Fr*cking dieing
  • Nik bribing chris with game fuel