The Fourth Floor Lounge, Stairwell B

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The Fourth Floor Lounge, Stairwell B.

You think you were lit? Only if you partied here. If not, were where you?

Since the first days of this term, the late night location to be was here. Many memorable events occurred in this very location.

  • Omar Jamil and dancing- Ok, think dancing, but like, explicit. Now think of the hottest man alive, but like, Omar. The round table was his place of choice. Many people, from 2nd-4th years to RCs to instructors to residential leaders, were seen gazing upon his beautiful body. He made money. Like, dough money. A centerpiece of the late night excursions. Who will continue this new tradition?

  • Zach's aux- Zach kept the lounge bumping. In fact, it was his music that kept Omar's nightly entertainment running. On the second Tuesday, Zach, Omar, and Vishal all bought the same speaker, white, red, and black, respectively. These purchases upgraded the experience of the lounge. Many complaints were received from the lounge underneath for the loud beats.

  • The couch- There is a gray couch that is held by about two dozen wooden boards. In the first few days, it was realized that merely sitting upon the couch would break a board. Therefore, being the teenagers we were, we decided to make it a sport. We jumped, punched, and slammed into the couch, making it our mission to break every board. For the longest time, we were able to break all but two. On the last night, however, we were able to break these as well. Continue this new tradition.

  • Zumba- Dezmond, one of the few RCs able to (try to) match Paul's ability to not care, headed this late night activity. Starting in the beginning of the third week, he "punished" Omar and Vishal for their inability to fall asleep. So he submitted them to his version of yoga/Zumba. The first night, Omar and Vishal brought Zach, Kegan, and several others along. Sadly, the first night also happened to be their last, for a rat told the head residence leader. RIP. Continue this new tradition.

  • The window ledge in the very back corner of the room- Here, Omar started a legacy. Where the blinds fall onto the ledge, Omar and Vishal wrote their names and the date. Spread the legacy to whoever believes they are most worthy.