Great Balls of Space Fire 3

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Great Balls of Space Fire 3 is a Sci-Fi of epic proportion created at Rice University Term 2 2014 During a TipStar activity, in which tipsters created their own Sci-Fi inspired by the infamous Plan 9 Sci-Fi film, a team of fourth years were motivated to create a film in which an army lead by a Nazi cyborg attempts to take over the entire universe, and invade the planet of YASSSS, home to the alien rebels.

The Stars

The film showcases a number of talented actors and actresses. The biggest names include:

Future Expansion

The stars of Great Balls of Space Fire 3 can only hope that one day, another group of talented fourth years will carry on the torch and make a worthy sequel to this work of art (or maybe create the first two movies in the trilogy, whatever they wish).

The Film

A Summary

Space - the second to last frontier. In the not too distant future, a group of alien rebels gather on their home planet (YASSSS) in order to come up with an attack plan against the Nazi cyborg and his tourist-y minion, who are leading an army in their attempt to take control of the entire universe. During the alien rebel's battle strategy meeting, however, some of the soldiers grow rowdy, and as the alien rebel leader attempts to restore order (while his girlfriend takes pictures), the Nazi cyborg and his tourist-y minion infiltrate the alien rebel's fort on their home planet. The Nazi cyborg and his tourist-y minion have come to inform the alien rebel force that - somehow - they have set space on fire. However, the alien rebels cannot speak English, and with no access to Rosetta Stone, they are not able to understand the Nazi cyborg's message. In a turn of events, a fire begins in the boiler room of the alien rebel's fort, killing everyone inside except for the alien rebel leader. The alien rebel leader somehow makes it to Earth, and fathers the now famous Lady Gaga. The end.