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Paul, a Blessed Man

Possibly the most chill RC in, like, the history of TIP, Paul is a favorite among many. He took care (not) of 17 hormonal guys, from 2nd to 4th years. In his care were some of the most notable TIPsters of the term. Everyday, at least one of his kids were getting locked out. Let's talk Paul.

His Blessed Kids

Omar Jamil- Known to many as the guy you don't know, but you know. The first day, he arrived super late to his RC group, and promised "many late arrivals." He never showed up late again. Instead, he awoke every morning, at 5:30, and had a daily routine. Shower with music blasting, bust a quick one, and hang in the lounge. The lounge, we will talk about that later. Omar choreographed the dance for "Hey Ya," and grinded it out on the judges' table. He stayed stripping nightly, popularized spilk, and was just a chill guy. Yeah. He loved Mitch and Sophie, but Mitch more. A founder of the 4th floor party time.

Mitch- What a man. Secretly loved Omar, but used Heather as a beard. This was his final year at TIP. He co-directed Doctor Doctor with Sophie, and acted as Donald Trump in his scene. He is a hunk of a man, but is allergic to everything. A chill guy.

Zach- The guy with the hookups. He is the dopest aux man around. He really brought the lounge partiers together. A truly cool guy. Yeah. A founder of the 4th floor party time.

Ravi- The most adorable 2nd year ever. Partied hard. Known for his looks. A founder of the 4th floor party time.

Vishal- An indian version of Zach. A guy with the beats. Best friends and next door neighbor to Omar. Made fun of Omar for "being fat." A founder of the 4th floor party time.

Mark- Joel, but better. Stayed chill. Had great humor. Pretty white.