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RIP Moses.

Moses Hall has been torn down due to the expansion of Hullabaloo Hall (Unfortunately we can't stay there). Therefore 2013 Term 2 tipsters were the last tipsters to stay there. Long Live TAMU.

Moses Hall was the dorm that the TIPsters of Texas A&M live at. It is a freshman dorm that hasn't been painted or remodeled. Ever. It also has the letters "RAB" everywhere. What this is all about is unknown by the person who is writing, though they doubt it has anything to do with the Harry Potter character. (RAB actually stands for Red-Ass B*st*rds)

Moses Hall is named after Captain Andrew Moses and was constructed in 1942. Captain Moses graduated from West Point in 1897. On September 1, 1907 Captain Moses was ordered to report to Texas A&M University as Commandant where he served until 1911.

Moses is a very short walk from Sbisa and the MSC, however, everyone must still use the buddy system (of a minimum of five people. FIVE for crying out loud!)(NOTE: During the year 2009, the Duke TiP Gods realized they were being lame and lessened the amount of people to two.And only in the mornings. The office and laundry room of the dorm are on the first floor, as well as 3rd and 4th year girls (NOTE: [2009] Boys were first and third floor, girls were second and fourth. Whoever came up with that needs help). The rec room was from where everyone watched the Spurs kick the crap out of the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals in 2007 term 1. The third floor houses 1st year guys. It also has two guys bathrooms. The second floor is where the majority of the mudfight happened at Term 1 2007. Floor 2 is where first and second year girls live now. It has 2 "Girls" Bathrooms with urinals in them. Floor four is 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year guys. It has 2 bathrooms. The fourth floor is also legendary for housing the Hot pimps.

It also has a lounge (A3) with a laundry room that is open on Sunday for laundry. Best advice is getting up extremely early as it is disputed as to when it opens to do laundry, and FIGHT TO THE NEAREST OPEN WASHER. Moses got new dryers in 2009. In fact, TiPsters were the first to use them. They work very well

One of the bathrooms on the second floor also smells awful. And not the usual bathroom awful. You have to smell it to get a feel of it. One of the second floor bathrooms, the one used by the boys in 2011, was partially demolished. Stall doors were pulled off their hinges, and the bathroom was completely trashed. Since no one confessed, both RC groups were banned from Roll Call.

The showers were horrible. They had wildly fluctuating temperatures and abnormally high water pressure.Moses does have the privilege of being the only dorm I've lived in that has sinks in the dorm, though Kansas has actual private bathrooms.

During 2010, all TAMU TiPsters were moved to Crocker Hall due to Moses going through much needed renovations. This wasn't an improvement due to the dorm supposedly belonging to the bad boys on campus during the regular year. The buddy system was also eliminated for those going to breakfast during 2010, so you could go by yourself whenever you pleased. The TV Lounge also had a wide screen TV, which was a nice change. There also was no food vending machine in the laundry room. Instead, it was behind the secret door with the special wheelchair access button. The number of common rooms was also reduced to two, the TV Lounge and a room at the very end of the fourth floor.