Hot pimps

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A truly legendary RC group. The Hot Pimps are rivaled by none, second to none, and kick more ass than anyone you'll ever meet. Ever. This is a guaranteed fact.

This well-oiled band of 3rd and 4th years rocked the First Term at A&M in the summer of 2007. Their controversial name was the cause of much dismay on the 4th floor of Moses Hall, but nevertheless they soldiered on and showed to dominate the camp year.

Team RC is:

  • Dominic (a.k.a Popo Hot Pimps)

Team Leaders include:

The other members were made of

  • Kurt (Hot Sisters)
  • Riley (That tall guy)
  • Tahsin
  • Andy
  • Alex (Rubiks Cube Master)
  • Michael (Blazn Azn)
  • Chris
  • Eric
  • Jude
  • Eric Tamez

The Team Mascots are: