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Sbisa Dining Hall (also commonly know as "Sgreasa" due to the grease content of the food.) is where TIPsters at Texas A&M eat breakfast, dinner, and sometimes lunch at (In 2008 term I, dinner was served weekdays; breakfast, lunch and dinner served there on weekends. And in 2011, due to construction that forced classes to be a considerable distance from Sbisa, lunch was held everyday but weekends at Pie Are Square) It was named after someone who worked there in the early 20th century. It is not favored by TIPsters due to its bad tasting food, although it's breakfasts are way better than those at Pie Are Square. Sbisa is a short walk away from the Dorm, so TIPsters are allowed to walk with buddies to go to breakfast only. TIPsters must be escorted to dinner by an RC or RHL. Outside Sbisa is where TIPsters and TAs congregate after breakfast and dinner to go to class/evening session respectively.

It is up to instructors to choose where to go for lunch, and Sbisa is not usually where they want to go. Usually they take their students to another campus restuatant such as Pie Are Square (breakfast served in term I 2008), The Underground, or The Tomato Bar.

Outside of the dining hall, there is a man hole cover that says "Private property. Do not molest". This man hole cover is a source of entertainment for many TIPsters.

The lunch of Sbisa is suprisingly good, though there are more trips to Pie Are Square, occasionally, lunch trips are made to Sbisa. But what's different about lunch is that the second half of the building opens up for a wide selection of food, including pizza, mexican food, hamburgers, and desserts.

In Terms 1 and 2 2012, Sbisa was not open because of tax cuts A&M had to make. Instead, TiPsters ate at the MSC or Rudder Tower. This actually led the TIPsters to miss Sbisa due to how awful the food was at Rudder Tower (worst catering ever). Sbisa was like heaven when compared to Rudder Tower.