Diamond Warren-Tucker

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Diamond Warren-Tucker
Campus(es) Rice, Lsu
Attended 2015-2017
Course(s) Cold War: From Allies to Adversaries (Rice University Term 2 2015), Ideals in Action: Policymaking on a Global Scale (Rice University Term 2 2016)
RAG(s) Yuna, The Claire Bears
Roommate(s) Karina, Thy, Ella, Katie, Angela, Allie
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Diamond first attended Duke TiP during the summer of 2015 at Rice University Term 2. During that term, she became close with RaSquad and with a fellow Tipster Jace Nations. The first week of that term, Diamond wandered between different groups of people to hang out with before she came across Pops RC group. From the second week on, Diamond ate breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner with RaSquad. Franz, a Tipster that Diamond was always with, even asked her to the second dance during 4-5 free time with a box of chocolates. That summer was quite pleasant for Diamond, but it wasn't until next summer, that things at TiP got a little crazier. Diamond's second year (which is really her third year, because she's a second year third year) she was involved in a love square, that soon became a love triangle. The Tipster, Braden Robinson, was definitely a ladies man of some sorts; and Diamond, completely unknowing to his "adventures", fell right into his triangle. Diamond was very close to Braden and he knew that she had feelings for him; but did that stop him from talking to other girls at TiP? Nope. So at first, it was two girls: Maya and Marissa. Ironically, both of them were best friends with each other and were both asked to the dance by Braden. Dun dun dunnn. Braden got lucky that time and they both rejected him. Marissa lost interest in him, but Maya she didn't. Diamond go the short end of the stick in this instance because both Marissa and Maya both had the same class as Braden, so you could imagine how close they would've gotten. On July 19, 2016, during dinner, everything blew up in Braden's face. Diamond's very good friend, Chance McGee,approached Braden at dinner and called him out for playing his friend; and Chance turned around and told Maya exactly what Braden was doing. Maya was pissed, Diamond was pissed, everyone was pissed. Luckily, Diamond's best friend, Sofia was there to help her out throughout the entire ordeal. Diamond, being the silly goose that she is, decided to help Braden talk to Maya and win her back, being completely oblivious to her own feelings. In the end, Braden and Maya became a thing, and Diamond was forced to sit on the sidelines and watch as everyone shipped them and she tried her hardest not to notice. That's why there's the Braden/Maya/others(Braya/Brothers) under the Relationtips at Rice Term 2 2016. But that wasn't the only event that Diamond was involved with. Diamond was the first to steal Big Texas from Erick, which she did twice. Thus prompted the Big Texas Heist squad. Diamond also appeared in and hosted the talent show with Zach Ashford and Fox Walker.


  • The Claire Bears got 3rd @TipSync for "Hoedown Throwdown"
  • Green team 1st Place @ Hootfest


  • The Realists (RU 2016)
  • The Angsty Angels (RU 2016)
  • The Mexican Oreos (RU 2016)
  • The Basement Club (RU 2016)


  • best dancer at Rice Term 2
  • loyal and generous
  • insightful and passionate
  • will always be there for you
  • Trigga Trey's Biggest Fan
  • First to steal Big Texas
  • Biggest smile known to girl