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Rice Term 2 2016

Big Texas. What can I say about this legend? During term 2 at Rice 2016, Erick Velarde bought the extremely large pencil as a phallic joke at a museum gift shop. The screwed up pencil was adored by many, especially the owner who kept it close to his heart, and soon became a camp wide joke. On July 24, 2016, at dinner the heist began. Diamond Warren-Tucker stole the pencil to see how it would affect Erick, and the war started.

  • It should be noted that on the night of the Big Texas Heist, Braden betrayed his former group in order to gain popularity with the girls. He told Diamond Warren-Tucker the location of Big Texas so she could steal it.

The two sides included Erick's (Zane, Neal, Richard, Caden Hanson, Xander, etc.), and Diamond's (Chelsea, Sofia, Lily, Braden, Marissa, Emily, etc.) who took it twice. There was much tease between the two sides such as snapchat pictures of people holding the pencil. Big Texas was a symbolic remark for the 3rd (and some 2nd) years of Rice University Term 2 2016. It both divided, yet brought these Tipsters closer.

LSU Term 2 2017

Erick ended up taking Big Texas home until LSU term 2, where it returned to the excitement of many. Neal lost the lovable pencil over and over again, leading to the 4th years taking it from him until it could be passed down at the end of the term. Big Tex also went through many disgusting ordeals, such as a dildo substitution and a genitalia substitution. Lizzie Goddard (Missouri farm girl) a 3rd year even went so far as to deepthroat it - she got to the T in texas. This raised questions about Big Tex's management and if Neal should be allowed to have it, but of course he ended up getting it.

Big Texas at LSU Term 2 2017 displayed by (left to right) Richard Li, Liam Wetherington, and Alex Sowatzka

After Erick passed Big Texas down to Neal, he nearly left it in the LSU lobby on the last day of TIP 2017. Luckily, Caden Hanson noticed this and took it home to return to Neal (if Neal decides to return for his 4th year in 2018)

LSU Term 2 2018

When Neal didn't return for his 4th year in 2018, Caden brought Big Tex to TIP and gave it to Cameron Meredith upon Neal's request. The guys vs girls battle began once again over the pencil. Highlights included:

  • Noah jumping into the ceiling to retrieve Big Tex
  • Caden being attacked by both Cameron and Helena under the pool table, and being wrestled by Ciara in the guys tower for it
  • Josh straight up giving Cameron the pencil when she asked for it, allowing the girls to gain possession
  • The guys and girls both giving scavenger hunts to find the pencil (with the girls cheating and taking away a clue from Alex)
  • The staff stealing the pencil and prompting the 4th years to race to the multipurpose room after lights out to retrieve it (the guys won)
  • Alex dragging Lizzie and Ciara down the hallway with Big Tex, then trucking Janna into the wall
  • Caden tricking the girls into thinking he hid Tex in the laundry room in order to get his phone back
  • The guys running out the clock by convincing the girls that Big Tex was in the men's restroom
  • The 4th year boys eventually winning the term-long competition by being in possession of Big Tex on the last day

At the talent show, Big Texas was passed down to Ron Warren, the first TiPster to possess Big Texas that was not present at Rice Term 2 2016

LSU Term 2 2019

The hunt for Big Tex escalated greatly in the last day, as I am not completely informed of all of the events, I will try to make a rough timeline of the events I do know of.

  • Circa - dinner time: The 4th year boys leave dinner early, and completely sweep the building for big tex, and find it behind the mail boxes(Found by Max Hernandez).
  • Circa - After Dinner: The 4th year girls come back from dinner, and are told big tex has been found, and proceed to camp out on the 7th floor.
  • 4th year boys tape big tex under 500 Lb couch, text 4th year girls ciphered hint of "under me and the bois"
  • Theo Ward leads an elite team of rouge operators to pick up a blue can of chips (think pringles tube), hides under shirt, goes to 6th floor, proceeds to act really sus in front of sam, who storms into the elevator, presses the 7th floor button. Eddie and Isaiah(I think) guard Theo, walling off a corner of the elevator. Elevator reaches 7th floor, and is filled with girls, all reaching for the decoy. On the way to the 1st floor, the girls reach the decoy, and are utterly destroyed. Get played, lol.
  • The 4th year girls try their best to coerce multiple 4th year boys (examples being Theo, Jacob, Eddie, Ron, and pretty much anyone else they see), but do not succeed, due to the secrecy and confidentiality of it's location.

I can't really timeline any other specific events, but long story short, the 4th year girls end up swarming 4th floor, however do not find big tex, kevin play the final countdown on his trumpet during the last 3 minutes.

Holders of Big Texas

  • Erick Velarde - 2016/2017
  • Neal Hamilton/Caden Hanson - 2017/2018
  • Ron Warren - 2018/2019
  • Kaj Cote - 2019/2020