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TIP Campus

In 2017, Louisiana State University made its debut as a TIP Academy campus, replacing Rice University since Rice was changed to a center campus. Tipsters stayed at Cypress Hall and ate all meals at The 5. Dances and TipSync were held at The Barn. Classes were held in various locations around campus. Most traditions founded this year were based off of Rice Term 2's traditions from last year, considering most tipsters from Rice chose to go to LSU.


Louisiana State University (officially Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, commonly referred to as LSU) is a public coeducational university located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The university was founded in 1853 in what is now known as Pineville, Louisiana, under the name Louisiana State Seminary of Learning & Military Academy. The current LSU main campus was dedicated in 1926, consists of more than 250 buildings constructed in the style of Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, and occupies a 650-acre (2.6 km²) plateau on the banks of the Mississippi River.

LSU is the flagship institution of the Louisiana State University System. In 2015, the university enrolled over 26,000 undergraduate and over 5,000 graduate students in 14 schools and colleges. Several of LSU's graduate schools, such as the E.J. Ourso College of Business and the Paul M. Hebert Law Center, have received national recognition in their respective fields of study. Designated as a land-grant, sea-grant and space-grant institution, LSU is also noted for its extensive research facilities, operating some 800 sponsored research projects funded by agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

LSU's athletics department fields teams in 21 varsity sports (9 men's, 12 women's), and is a member of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and the SEC (Southeastern Conference). The university is represented by its mascot, Mike the Tiger.

Term 1 2017

Notable Events

  • Madeleine realizing her marinara and alfredo

Term 2 2017

July 9th-July 29th

  • Archeology and Anthropology: Stones and Bones
  • Coastal Science and Oceanography
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Engineering Problem Solving
  • Exploring Time Travel Narratives: The Fabric of Time and a Phone Box
  • Mathematical Modeling and Applied Statistics
  • Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Pharmacology
  • Studio Architecture



  • 1st place - Blue team(Britt's, Alec's, and Cameron's groups)
  • 2nd place - Green team(Henry's, Nafisah's, and Anaja's groups)
  • 3rd place - Grellow team(Monica's, Charles', Tavia's, and Kincaid's groups)
  • 4th place - Red team(Savannah's, Aisha's, Quon's, and Emily's groups)


  • 1st place - Better than your Average Avocados(Emily's Group) performing "Hot and Cold".
  • 2nd place - Britt's Babezzzuh performing "My Heart Will Go On(TIPtanic)".
  • 3rd place - Alec & the Chipmunks performing "Gold-digger".
  • 3rd place - Control Group(Henry's Group) performing "Thinking Out Loud".
  • Fan Favorite - Marlon and the Strawberries(Cameron's Group) performing with "Single Ladies".

RC Groups

  • Aisha's Water Lilies - Third & Fourth Year Girls
  • Alec & The Chipmunks - Second & Third Year Boys
  • Anaja's Mississippi Vegans(or Angels) - Second & Third Year Girls
  • Britt's Babezz - Fourth Year Girls
  • Cameron's Fruity Pebbles - Second Year Boys
  • Charles' Starbucks, Fried Chickens, and Tacos - Third & Fourth Year Boys
  • Emily's Better Than Your Average Avocados - Second Year Girls
  • Henry's Angry Dragons/kntrl Groop - Third & Fourth Year Boys
  • Kincaid's KinCandies - Second & Third Year Girls
  • Monica's Malcontent - Fourth Year Girls
  • Nafisa's Burgers - Third Year Girls
  • Quon's QuonNation - Fourth Year Boys
  • Savannah's Succulents - Third & Fourth Year Girls
  • Tavia's Teacups - Second & Third Year Girls


Tradition Songs

Talent Show Traditions

  • Crest Challenge(RC Britt got it back)
  • TiP of My Heart
  • "For Good" from Wicked(Broadway Musical)
  • Doctor Doctor
  • Fourth Year Speeches
  • Award Giving
  • Fourth Years go to Louie's


  • Jack/Claire (Jaire)
  • Liam/Mason (Miam)
  • Marissa/Noah (Narissa)
  • Simon/Carly (When her age is on the clock)
  • Caden Hanson/Madi (Cadi)
  • Cameron/Jahkob (Jameron)
  • Ken/Potatoes
  • Tony/Lizzie
  • Allie/Slim Jims
  • Alex/Brianna (Bralex)
  • Raj/Ravi (Raji)
  • Chance/his TA
  • Neal/Lizzie
  • Peter/Chance's TA
  • Rachel/Sach (Sachel)
  • Seth/Grace
  • Jahkob/Lizzie (Jizzie)
  • Evan/His Girlfriend
  • Marcus Hill/Divya Pinto (Mivya)
  • Sach/Friendzone(Divya)
  • Neal/Friendzone(Helena and Diamond)
  • Luke/Kaele
  • Alec/Savannah (Sale)
  • Lily/Daniel (Daily)
  • Jacob/Ahya
  • Big Texas/Lizzie's Throat
  • Andrew/Diana
  • Ben/Holly
  • Aticus/His Hand(Daddy's)
  • Josh/Cameron (Cosh)

Notable Groups

  • Delta Tau Beta - 4th year fraternity headed by Richard Lee. This fraternity was founded by Marcus Hill, the first president, and other notable 4th years including Erick Velarde, Liam Wetherington, Sachdeep Singh, and Jack Kenney.
  • Kappa Nu - 4th year sorority headed by Kate Douglas. This sorority was introduced to the LSU campus by its former president Mason Wilson. Notable members include Mason Wilson, Lily Warlen, Diamond Warren-Tucker, Divya Pinto, Sofia Ciancaglini, and Chelsea Laughrun.
  • The Library Brigade - Group of 3rd and 4th years that hung in the library ALL THE TIME often singing Nickelodeon Girls, playing paranoia, and having exorcism, they were known mainly for chanting "One of us" to the top of their lungs. Notable members include Bryan, Peter, McKenzie, Bria, Ben, Joy, Ahya, Jacob, Lauren, Andrew, Nkozi, Holly, Diana, and Aticus.

Notable Tipsters

  • Sofia Ciancaglini- 2017 llama mama
  • Diamond Warren-Tucker- led the mission to help her friends sneak into the boy's tower.
  • Chelsea Laughrun- corniest person on campus, performed the iconic "drawing with chelsea" at the talent show
  • Liamborghini - Co-MC for talent show. Passed down defensive MVP for ultimate frisbee
  • Erick Velarde- Big Tex owner, sharpest jawline in town, Passed down offensive MVP for ultimate frisbee
  • Jack Kenney- Honorary Brother Bear
  • Simon Marquez- Drinker of the nastiest crest challenge of all time. Co-MC for talent show
  • Marcus Hill- Best 1st Year 4th ever, Delta Tau Beta President
  • Sachdeep Singh- 2nd Best 1st Year 4th ever, comes in a package with marcus.
  • Mason Wilson- Kappa Nu president, cutest nug ever
  • Alex Sowatzka- 2018 Brother Bear and Offensive Frisbee MVP.
  • Marissa Streng- 2018 llama mama and one of the sweetest girls ever.
  • Neal Hamilton- Holder of Big Tex. He also would do anything for a chicken sandwich.
  • Richard Lee- 2018 President of Delta Tau Beta.
  • Kate Douglas - 2018 President of Kappa Nu
  • Alyssa - Winner of the best defensive player in the staff-student ultimate game

Notable Events

  • The 2am Sneakouts - During the second Saturday at tip, after the second dance, some fourth year girls decided to plan a mission to sneak into central tower, where the boys lived, after receiving an invitation from them. This was extremely difficult, but due to their massive courage and balls, the girls achieved their goal. They proceeded to hang out in Liamborghini's mold room and played lemonade pong, paranoia, and dare or dare. These sneakouts continued to happen throughout the last week and on the second to last night, the group of Mason, Chelsea, Divya, Sofia, Liam, Erick, Marcus, Caden and Lil No No stayed in Liam's mold room until sunrise and left at 6:30am, thus getting no sleep. These people will forever be tip legends.

Term 1 2018

June 10- June 30

  • Sports Medicine (gets shook from Hunter)
  • Pharmacology
  • The Haunting
  • Neuropsychology
  • Modern Medicine
  • Coastal Science and Oceanography
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Studio Architecture
  • Algebra II
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Engineering Problem Solving

Notable Events

  • For some reason the engineering problem solving kids would make like a circle at the dances???
  • Champ’s group wanted to do “Dancing Queen” for TIPsync. They were denied this song since it didn’t really go with the theme. At the end of their performance (which was “Don’t Stop Me Now”), they held up signs that said “We wanted Dancing Queen.” Sadly they didn’t win fan favorite even tho their performance was pretty funny, especially the end. Some of the TIPsters from Champ’s group requested Dancing Queen to be played at the last two dances but this request was ignored/declined. rip dancing queen
  • The last night (RIP Sav and Brit)
  • Breakfast on move-out day

talent show traditions

  • the crest challenge: Jack drank it
  • doctor doctor
  • fourth year speeches
  • fourth years going to Louie’s


  • Rowan/Chris (you're way too good for her man)
  • Chris/Jillian
  • Gianna/Jack
  • Cadence/London
  • Asha/Matthew
  • Zoe/Gavin
  • Sophia/Nathan
  • Maya/Kai
  • Maddie/Aidan
  • Mo/Aidan
  • Grace/Ben
  • Kayla/Jake RIP
  • Kayla/Brody RIP
  • Kayla/Aiden RIP
  • Jordan/Brody
  • Leila/Hawkins
  • Catherine/Dilan
  • McKenna/Liam
  • Sarah/John-Mark (Confirmed, but they broke up)
  • Lala/Jaime (very sorry for the both of you tbh)

RC Groups

  • Champ's Dancing Queens
  • Chris's Crew
  • Isaac's Big Mikes
  • Mama J's Comrades
  • Haley"s Bancakes
  • Layah’s L's
  • Morgan's Top Models
  • Larissa's Cookies
  • Kira's Cool Kids
  • Mary's Floppy Wiggles
  • Emily N.'s Esketits
  • Emily E.'s Gen E
  • Rowan's Hot Tamales
  • Savannah's Snakes


  • 1st Place: Blue Crew (Emily E.'s Group, Morgan's Group, Chris's Group, Mama J’s group)
  • 2nd Place: Fire Swamp (Layah's Group,
  • 3rd Place:Anything But Grellow
  • 4th Place: Lean Green Dancing Queens (Champ's Group, Emily N.'s Group, Mary's Group)

TIPsync (theme: boy bands and girl bands)

  • 1st place: Chris’ Crew - “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” ( a beautiful thing to witness )
  • 2nd place: Savannah’s Snakes - “Wannabe”
  • 3rd place: Bancakes - “Survivor”
  • Fan Favorite: Out of Sync - “Don’t Cha”
  • rip the Dancing Queens

Notable TIPsters

  • Jacob Moore: check THIS out
  • Gavin Lloyd: "watch out girls, you're in the sPlAsHzOnE"
  • Semira Benjamin: creator of sis
  • Sarah Freeman: broke her foot at ultimate
  • Cadence Renfro: london gave her clout
  • Barry: got fired? he was a nice guy tho
  • Hunter: one of the most controversial events at LSU
  • Vanessa Ake: a mom
  • Ben Finley: just ate melon
  • Aidan Shelledy: lots of arizona tea
  • Mo Sullivan: RIP Maddie
  • Josh Wipfler: had a pink bathrobe
  • Jack Little: iconic
  • Maddie Provenzano: third floor lounge (didn't actually happen)
  • Dilan Courtois: "I don't need an application, I'm gay!"
  • Ivan Mounteer: drew stuff and stole coffee mugs
  • Jake Parsons: gumballs
  • Sonji Hargrove: good eyebrows
  • Mckenna Green: is KFC in Kentucky just FC?
  • Jaime Cayo: got drunk and cried about monopoly
  • Brody Comer: hottest guy at TIP

Term 2 2018

July 8- July 28

  • Archeology and Anthropology: Stones and Bones
  • Coastal Science and Oceanography
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Engineering Problem Solving
  • Exploring Time Travel Narratives: The Fabric of Time and a Phone Box
  • Mathematical Modeling and Applied Statistics
  • Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Pharmacology
  • Studio Architecture
  • The Haunting: Exposing the Mind’s Fear of Myth and Monster



  • 1st Place - Green Team "The Brooms" (Layah's, Lucy's and Haley's groups)
  • 2nd Place - Grellow Team "Bodak Grellow" (Emily's, Mary-Frances' and Red's groups)
  • 3rd Place - Blue Team "Blue Devils" (Madi's, Nicole's and Kira's groups)
  • 4th Place - Red Team "Bad and Rougie" (Philip's, Talia's and Larissa's groups)

Tipsync (theme:Early 2000's)

  • 1st Place - Kind Eyes (Layah's group) preforming "Hollaback Girl".
  • 2nd Place - Nicoles's Nuggets (Nicole's group) preforming "Stacy's Mom".
  • 3rd Place - Haley's Pitches (Haley's group) preforming "Sk8r Boi".
  • Fan Favorite - Craziest Girlfriends (Talia's group) preforming "Before He Cheats".

RC Groups

  • Red Bullz - Third & Fourth Year Girls (RC: Red)
  • RahrXD - Second & Third Year Boys (RC: Lucy)
  • Kira's Baker's Dozen - Second & Third Year Girls (RC: Krutches)
  • Nicole's Nuggets - Third & Fourth Year Girls (RC: Nicole)
  • Cinnamon and the Pixie Sticks - Second Year Boys (RC: Mary Frances)
  • Phillip's Screwdrivers - Third & Fourth Year Boys (RC: Phillip)
  • Talia's Crazy Ladies - Second Year Girls (RC: Talia)
  • Madi's Monsters - Third Year Boys (RC: Madi)
  • Larissa's Kneecaps - Third Year Girls (RC: Larissa)
  • Emily's Esksksketits - Fourth Year Girls (RC: Emily)
  • Haley's Pitches - Third Year Girls (RC: Haley)
  • Kind Eyes - Fourth Year Boys (RC: Layah)



  • Alex/Marissa
  • Emma/Daniel
  • Seth/Mia
  • Caden/Kate
  • Ridley/Victoria
  • Ron/Lorelei
  • Chase/Georgia
  • Zihao/Rubye
  • Kaj/Avery
  • Daniel/Paige
  • Micheal/Natalie
  • Luke/Kaitlin
  • Lizzie/Everyone
  • Caden/Everyone
  • Tommy/Jamie
  • Graham/The Ping Pong Table
  • Ricardo/Monster Energy Drinks
  • Jacob/Diana
  • Lizzie/Ethan
  • Hezekiah/Maisy
  • Nick/Melanie
  • Chris/Cameron
  • Lillia/Gabe
  • James/Sav
  • Christy/Chloe
  • Jack/Brianna
  • Ridley/Phillip's Door
  • Nick/Filip
  • Filip/Ramen and Coffee Beans
  • Madi/Phillip
  • Sara/Apples and Oatmeal
  • Nick/His hand ("just turn around, JP")

Notable Events

  • The Clean Sweep - The Fourth Year guys (Layah's RC group, specifically) took no L's this term. They won the Scavenger Hunt, TiP Sync, Swampfest, The Heist for Big Texas, The Ping-Pong Tournament, The Staff-Student Ultimate Game, and many smaller unofficial events (such as Nkozi winning the Tip-sync dance off). This series of uncontested wins was dubbed the "Clean Sweep"
  • The 1035 sneakout- Caden and Nycoi snuck to South Tower (the girls tower) only to have been caught by security footage later. All parties involved then were lectured in 1035, reported to Matt Sears, and asked to make posters on the importance of sleep
  • The Ping-Pong Tournament - On the second Sunday of the term (July 21, 2018), tipsters Ron Warren and Jacob Williams co-hosted a ping-pong tournament in the multipurpose room. 23 tipsters and one RC (Larissa) signed up to play; however only about 16ish people ended up actually showing up. Tipster Jacob Williams won the tournament, but later renounced his title as reigning ping-pong champ since he wouldn't be at LSU the following year, giving his title to second place finisher Shreshta Keta.
  • The Heist for Big Texas - For details, see the Big Texas main page.
  • Fourth-Year Bullying - According to the staff, all fourth years are bullies. No exceptions.

Notable Tipsters

Marissa Streng - Llamma mamma 2018. Part of the 1035 group.

• Nkozi Jones - Co-MC'd Talent show with Peter “My impact”. Sassiest 4th year to ever exist. Twin to Nycoi.

Nycoi Jones - “4th year privilege”. Part of the 1035 group. Twin to Nkozi.

• Jean-Paul Boatwright - From “across the pond”. Sweetest little thing ever!

• Peter Cromie - Co-MC'd Talent Show with Nkozi. The mother of all Gays. Loved by and loved everyone. Always had the best socks!!

• Alex Sowatzka - 2018 Brother Bear

Caden Hanson - 2018 Frat President. Part of the 1035 Crew.

• Sofia Yaffar - 2019 Sorority President

• Ved Sankaran - 2019 Frat President

• Kate Douglas - 2018 Sorority President. Part of the 1035 Crew.

• Ron Warren - 2019 Brother Bear, recipient of Big Texas

• Samantha Blackwood - 2019 Llama Mama

• Nick Lenz - Drank the Crest Challenge (all of it, even the solid stuff at the bottom of the cup); "The BDSM guy"

Tradition Songs

Talent Show Traditions

  • Crest Challenge - Nick Lenz drank it
  • TiP of My Heart- sang by Ben Nguyen and Ashley White
  • "For Good" from Wicked - Briana Rempe & Emma Kimble sang it
  • Doctor Doctor - as dead as Britt & Savannah's careers
  • Fourth Year Speeches
  • Award Giving
  • Fourth Years go to Louie's Diner

Notable Groups

  • Kappa Nu - 4th year girls sorority headed by Kate Douglas
  • Delta Tau Beta - 4th year guys sorority headed by Caden Hanson
  • TiP of This Duke - a 4th year group chat that was created after LSU Term 2 2017 ended and has lasted through LSU Term 2 2018. Notable members include: Alex, Caden, Emma, Cameron, Marissa, Josh, Lizzie, Kate, Peter, Nycoi, Nkozi, Brianna, Helena, Ciara, & Noah.
  • 1035 Crew - the group involved in the 1035 sneakoif. Members include: Caden, Nycoi, Ciara, Kate, Brianna, Janna, Marissa, Lizzie, & Ashley.

Term 1 2019

June 9-June 29

  • Neuropsychology
  • Pharmacology
  • Cryptography and Code Breaking
  • Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Infectious Diseases
  • The Haunting
  • Criminal Law And Mock Trial
  • Engineering Problem Solving

RC Groups

  • BDEATRC [REDACTED] (Austin’s group)
  • Mama J's Yee Haws
  • Lucci Gang
  • Haley's Headaches (Thoughts (Thots))
  • Caitlyn's Campers
  • Children of Nolan
  • Maroon 6 (Lindsey's group)
  • Osvaldo's TIP Gang (Victoria's group)
  • No Drama Llamas (Emma's group)


  • 1st: Maroon 6 (Moves Like Jagger)
  • 2nd: Black Eyed Yees (Boom Boom Pow)
  • 3rd: Haley's Headaches (When I Grow Up)

Talent Show

  • Hosts: The Minorities (Black (JP), Mexican (Ana), and Gay (Dilan))
  • Jillian's RC group eating cereal
  • Slideshow being absolute garbage
  • Wesley asking Big Mike if he still wanted her digits
  • Wesley exposing Dilan
  • Miles and Lorelei's TIP version of American Pie
  • Sophia and her dramatic reading of "My whole family thinks I'm gay"
  • 2 girls singing the Pokemon theme song and everyone singing along
  • Doctor Doctor (completely improvised/TRASH) (Some people thought it was funny...)
  • Fourth year speeches

Notable Events

  • NO movie night. It isn't tippropriate...Thanks Caitlyn >:(
  • Celebration Station
  • Ultimate Frisbee Game (Students beat staff badly)
  • Having the WORST nurse possible (mixed up meds)
  • Power Outage at the First Dance...
  • "Running Smash"
  • Midnight 4th Year Pancake Breakfasts
  • Fuck Patrol: Chase and Evelyn
  • John Mark playing chess blindfolded (Tom's queen was lost within 4 moves)
  • Breakfast at Louie's
  • Waiting 30 minutes outside the 5 to get lunch because of the cheerleading camps
  • The fourth year girls “date list”
  • Celebration Station kazoos
  • The Austin College kids taking over
  • Third floor hair dying epidemic (RIP Lorelei’s hair)
  • The TAs' game of tag
  • Pouring a cooler of ice and water on Shakeel
  • The volleyball circle surpassing their goal of 100 passes
  • Shakeel forgetting to take the Lucci Gang to dinner and leaving them at the 5 without them knowing

Notable Tipsters

  • Tom - Tom is a pretty princess
  • Catherine - Diving Debbie/DD. Survives off of only tomatoes. Carried the Modern Med volleyball circle
  • Miles - Bought a gallon of Cane's sweet tea
  • Bailey - Also bought a gallon of Cane's sweet tea. Overdose of caffeine
  • Dilan - "Put that hoe in a body bag" (During Doctor Doctor)
  • Will - Insane dance moves (Opioid overdose)
  • Carl - CAAAAAARL. icon of Blue crew
  • JP - Biggest hypocrite of all time
  • Cam - 3 strikes and you're out.
  • Arturo - "Archurro" "Arturo put your shirt back on!"
  • Jake L - The box
  • Brody, Hawkins, Semira - Third years with fourth year energy
  • Andrew P- carrying Lindsey’s struggling team for the win at TIPsync
  • Andres - Crippled kid... super nice for no reason
  • Jasmine - Owns a pot farm
  • Mckinley - Thirty-year-old man
  • Jose - He mf hacked the lsu servers and pirated smash wii u. (Got sent to the offices)

Tradition Songs

  • American Pie by Don McLean
  • Time Warp by Richard O’Brien
  • It's the End of the World as We Know It by R.E.M.
  • Goosebumps (Goosedrops) by Travis Scott
  • Drops of Jupiter by Train
  • No Hands by Waka Flocka Flame
  • Hips Don't Lie by Shakira
  • Iris by GooGoo Dolls
  • Wobble by V.I.C.
  • Hoedown Throwdown by Miley Cyrus
  • Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex
  • Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper
  • Cupid Shuffle by Cupid


  • 1st place: Carl’s Blue Crew (Austin’s group, Victoria’s group, and Lucy’s group)
  • 2nd place: Red Army (Hailey’s group, Caitlyn’s group, and Lindsey’s group)
  • 3rd place: Shrek be green, Shrek be our team. (Mama J’s group, Nolan’s group, and Emma’s group)


  • Tanya/Pierre
  • Tess/Hawkins
  • The trio...
  • Evelyn/Chase
  • Semira/Jonah
  • Samantha S/Gavin
  • RC Jillian/Her boyfriend (bc she loves him)
  • Maddie/Jake P (RIP Maddie) (Again)
  • Brianna/Grant
  • Sylvie/Carlos
  • Shannon/Sam
  • RC Haley/RC Austin
  • Edwin/Marissa
  • Samantha M/McKinley
  • Sophia/Wesley (RIP)
  • Cam/JP (technical difficulties)
  • Evelyn/Jake L (Not Cool Bro)
  • Bailey/Mason (RIP last dance)
  • Emily/Miles
  • Rachel/Andres
  • Tom/Jose (gay but cool)

Term 2 2019

  • Neuropsychology
  • Pharmacology
  • Cryptography and Code Breaking
  • Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Infectious Diseases
  • The Haunting
  • Criminal Law And Mock Trial
  • Engineering Problem Solving
  • The Pen as a Weapon



  • 1st place- Red Team "Red Bulls" (Sebastian's Group, Matthew's Group, Haley's Group)
  • 2nd place- Green Team "Big Green Tractors" (Nolan's Group, Lucy's Group, Taylor's Group)
  • 3rd place- Blue Team "Blue-Barrys" (Austin's Group, Caitlyn's Group, Sharon's Group)

TiPsync (International artists)

  • 1st place- Blue Direction (Sebastians RC) performing “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction
  • 2nd place- 5 Days of LSU (Taylors RC) performing “She Looks So Perfect” by 5 Seconds Of Summer
  • 3rd place- Sharon’s Butterflies (Sharons RC) performing “Best Song Ever” by One Direction

TiP Talent Show

  • Best Group Act- Criminal Law and Mock Trial Class performing "Double Dream Hands"
  • Best Solo Act- Benjamin Nguyen singing "Honesty" by Pink Sweat$

RC Groups

  • Sebastion's Group "Blue Direction"- 2nd & 3rd year boys
  • Lucy's Group "The Rice Girls"- 2nd & 3rd year girls
  • Haley's Group "Haley’s BBs"- 4th year girls
  • Austin's Group "Austin’s Russians"- 4th year boys
  • Sharon's Group "Sharon’s Butterflies"- 3rd year girls
  • Luda-Caitlyn and the Bros- 2nd & 3rd year girls
  • Nolan's Group "Nolan and the boys"- 3rd & 4th year boys
  • Taylor's Group (RIP Jillian) "The Baddies"- 3rd & 4th year girls
  • Matthew's Group "In-N-Out Crusaders"- 2nd & 3rd year boys


Tradition Songs

There are currently rumors of a movement underway to make Rasputin by Boney M a tradition song. EVERYBODY FIGHT FOR THIS. FIGHT FOR RASPUTIN.

Talent Show Traditions

  • Fist Challenge (RIP Crest Challenge)
  • TiP of My Heart- sang by Ocean and Diana Avila
  • "For Good" from Wicked - Stefani Jones & Michael Leah sang it
  • Doctor Doctor - as dead as Jillian's career
  • Fourth Year Speeches
  • Award Giving
  • Fourth Years go to Louie's Diner (In this case Denny's)
  • Crying


  • Sam/Ethan
  • Sofia/Jordan
  • Sofia/Sam
  • Diana/Ben
  • Alexa/Jacob
  • 4th year girls tongues/Big Tex
  • Chase/Kaitlin
  • Michael/Natalie
  • Kaj/Cadence
  • Logan/Gianna
  • Avery/Chase (rip)
  • Avery/Stephen (RIP Brandons eyes & ears)
  • Avery/her TiP baby
  • Ron/His GF
  • Abigail/Lolu
  • Savannah/Kevin
  • Paige/Marlon
  • Rubye/Paul
  • Brendan/Maisy
  • John/Peyton
  • Theo/Post-it notes
  • Collin/Lauren
  • Jack/Elise
  • Lauren/Victoria
  • Anna/Keanu Reeves/Notorious S.A.D.
  • Sidney/Danny DeVito, a Tribute to an American Hero
  • Austin/War Thunder

Notable Groups

  • Kappa Nu - 4th-year girls sorority headed by Sofia Yaffar
  • Delta Tau Beta - 4th-year guys fraternity headed by Chase Teeter
  • The Boyz Minus Sofia - a group chat that was created at the end of LSU Term 2 2019. Members include; Jordan, Ethan, Chase, Ron, Michael, John, Ben, Michael-Leah, Marlon, Sofia, Natalie, Kaitlin, Jacob, Samantha, Rylee, Ore, Stefani, Alexa, Paige, Diana, and Kaj.
  • Brianna and the Crackheads, a four-girl-army dedicated to conquering the haunted house with their fearsome incantations/Vine quotes. Sadly their mission was derailed when the haunted house was shut down before their arrival. Long may they live. Members include Anna, Brianna, Lauren, and Sidney
  • Cryptography Class/Crypto Gang - After the 4th year boys (Austin's Russians) performed "Rasputin" at TIPSYNC, the cryptography class soon gained an addiction to the just dance for this song. After many requests, it was played at the third dance with an incredibly large amount of participation. Members include; the entire crypto class lead by John Mark.
  • Powerpuff Gang - after noticing a large flat-screen TV on the first floor of Sid Richardson, a very determined 3rd-year girl named Maddy Rose grabbed a few kids from cryptography and turned on the first episode of The Powerpuff Girls. This quickly grew into a daily ritual of watching The Powerpuff Girls during free time. Members include; the entire crypto class (John Mark included), and Philosophy TA Anthony.

Notable Tipsters

• Jacob Moore - Co-MC'd Talent Show with Ron.

• Samantha Blackwood - Llamma mamma 2019.

• Ron Warren - 2019 Brother Bear, Co-MC'd Talent Show with Jacob.

• Chase Teeter - 2019 Frat President.

• Sofia Yaffar - 2019 Sorority President.

• Paige Coker - 2020 Sorority President

• Michael Laverde - 2020 Frat President

• Kaj Cote - 2020 Brother Bear, recipient of Big Texas, kid who snuck off with the fourth years.

• Ore Fawole - 2020 Llama Mama.

• John Gotham - "Hoes Mad"

• Buster Nutte- Joined the Mormon faith during tip.

  • Buster "Busty" Nutte Jr. - Son of Buster Nutte Sr.

• Carrie Cardin - She strikes fear into every cookie's crumbly soul.

• Kevin Pierce - Leader of the 4th Year Boy's Faction

Theo Ward - Guys please I swear I'm important let me be here please

• Brad - Sexiest man alive. Works those inch-long silver nails.

• Jeremy - absolute madlad. Leader of the powerpuff gang. Steven Universe savant.

Notable Events

  • The Evacuation From Hurricane Barry-On July 10th, 2019 Hurricane Barry was picking up force in the Gulf Of Mexico, experts say that heavy winds and severe flooding is expected. Storm surge warning is issued and a State of Emergency declared for Louisiana as the "potential tropical cyclone two" is going to make landfall early this weekend. While this was going on, Tipsters were told that around 3 they were supposed to evacuate. Getting all there belongings, stuff they needed because of a bus trip to Rice University to keep out of harm's way. After that, they were supposed to leave at 8pm but ended up leaving around 11:40 to a 11:50 so they plan on reaching Rice between the hours of 4 am and 5 am. The 4th year luggage did not arrive until after 5 am and everyone could finally sleep at about 6-7 am. Classes were canceled for the next day and the dance was moved to Friday night.
  • The Heist for Big Texas - For details, see the Big Texas main page.
  • RIP Mama J and her career
  • Kaj went on the Fourth Year trip to the bookstore and was caught on the way back by SK