Best Defensive Player at LSU Term II

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This tradition was started at TAMU 2014 Term II by Chris Gouin. This award is handed down to the best third year defensive by a fourth year who was previously awarded. The award was then transferred to Rice Term II when it replaced TAMU as a campus, and now passed to LSU as it has replaced Rice as an Academy campus. To see Best Defensive Players before LSU, go to Best Defensive Player at Rice Term II.

List of Best Defensive Players


  • 2014 - Chris Gouin

Rice University:

  • 2015 - Alex Moore
  • 2016 - Varun Jyothi


  • 2017 - Erick Velarde
  • 2018 - Seth Metusalem
  • 2019 - Marlon Henderson
  • 2020 - Bernardo Laverde