Theo Ward

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Theo Ward
Theo's .jpg
Pronouns He/Him
Campus(es) Rollins, LSU
Attended 2016, 2019
Course(s) Design Challenges: Engineering & Physics, The Pen as a Weapon
RAG(s) What is a "Rag"?
Roommate(s) Fawwaz, Ben (last names unknown)
Social Media Felixthecatfish#5501

The story of Theo is a long one. Before he rose to greatness at Term 2 LSU 2019, Making large friend groups, spreading the word of JoJo, and catching the attention of girls, he was a measly quiet boy at Term 2 Rollins 2016, restricted to ADHD meds, and awkwardly crushing on one of his friends. Let us start there.

Term 2 Rollins 2016

Dio's first time at Tip was hard. He had little people to talk to, however those he did, he became thick as thieves with while he was there. The general gang included: Elyse Dinkel, Emily Lueb, Maggie Simmons, and Barret. As time goes, so does his memory of these people, and you could imagine that after 3 years, there may not be much left. This year was uneventful in general, especially for Theo. His crush on Elyse, was never acted upon, however, we could all imagine that it was pretty obvious. After TIP Ended, young Diodore kept contact with Barret and Elyse, but had faded out of their lives by the end of the year, fulfilling one of his greatest fears, and causing sorrows for years afterwards.

The In-between

The In-Between were terrible times for young Dio. He was subjected to lots of things in his life, including but not limited to:

  • Bullying
  • Exclusion by close friends
  • School district transfer
  • Toxic Train-wreck of a relationship
  • Lack of friends

And more hardships, added on top of the sadness of withdraw from tip, and subsequent disappointment and sorrow due to the disability to go to Tip for 2nd and 3rd years. At many points in his life during this phase, he considered suicide and self harm.

LSU @ Rice - The Rise to Greatness

By the time Theodore knew he was going to LSU, he had his mind set that he would go out and make himself known to the world, and gain many a friend, and boy did he do that. His first, and most trusted and close friend at tip, was Isaiah Rettig, a fellow Smash player, and JoJo Fan. Next, would come Rex, who, although never joined the main group, was a good friend of Theo, and Andrew, who presented himself with a subpar JoJo Meme, which Dio thought was funny for exactly two seconds. Then- a long pause, where Dio would be shunned and outcast by Seth and RC Austin, and absolutely nobody else, despite to his belief at the time. Then, around the point of the move to Rice, Theo made his comeback. Dio would proceed not only to talk to, but befriend the main 4th year boys group, including notable people such as Kevin Pierce, Max Hernandez, and Tom Higgs. He even caught the eye of a girl, Anna Windsor, who asked him to prom. Because of his then relationship status, he had to agree to a platonic date instead, but he does admit that he would have dated her if he was single. (addendum: or if he knew that his then partner was cheating on him during that very week) Dio played an "integral" part in the final hours before big tex, by scanning for girl spies during the final hiding of big tex, and leading a team to help disorientate and mislead the girls as to the whereabouts of big tex. Theo cried about every step of the way on that final day, for he knew, he may never see his treasured friends again, and that history may repeat itself from Duke tip 2016...

As of May 7th, 2020

  • Hasn't looked at the wiki in forever
  • Runs the school's D&D club
  • Has gotten into the Sound Engineering program at a local tech campus, showing him a possible career path.
  • Fuck covid19
  • Is going through a very complicated relationship status, and will update when all is settled.
  • Really fucking misses everyone from tip (seriously, if any of y'all wanna try to plan a meetup, hit me the fuck up)
   Gonna be in Oklahoma for ten weeks for Army BASIC training, but I'm pretty sure escaping the base will lead to my untimely demise at the hands of my drill sergeants...
   Me and a few others actually just started planning a meetup. If you have a discord, add me as my discord link is up under social media, and I can invite you to the group if you're interested.
   I got a discord, but your username isn't working. Mine is sharkbonez#1296
  • Has a phone again (hopefully for more than a few months)
  • Finally got to part 8 of Jojo
  • Wants to study game design
  • Holy shit my hair is long
14.5 Inches!

As of June 27th

  • The tip meetup isn't looking so good right now unfortunately...
  • The complicated relationship status from last time has been resolved. Dio got cheated on, and cut ties with his former partner.
  • Bored as shit
  • Realizing all of his good friends are probably gonna move away and go to harvard while he's probably going to be stuck in tulsa, going to community college.
  • Trying to get remote internships for game companies.

As of October 8th

  • Damn its been a hot minute
  • Well Tip got shut down
  • I'd kinda feel bad talking about anything else here
  • But Im doing it anyways
  • Not much has happened in the life of Dio.
  • He got his new PC
  • Theo applied to the sound engineering program at UCO
  • Theo also cut his hair back to Tip lengths
  • Dio is also failing most of his classes
  • And is currently quarantined while writing this
  • But goddamn Tip is really gone
  • Definitely going to try to make the meetup work out in honor

As of January 21st, 2021

  • Nothing too much of note has happened
  • Theo has fallen into a good friend group, and is doing much better mentally and emotionally
  • He has fully indulged himself into his new obsession with Initial D, and subsequently has become interested in cars
  • Eurobeat addiction
  • Still waiting for the pandemic to blow over to start organizing the meetup
  • If it ever does
  • Hoping to acquire a Nissan 300zx for a project car
  • The depth of Dio's new obsession knows no bounds
  • Just got a shitty Initial D redbuble hoodie
  • Has given up on organization of this post

As of March 20th, 2021

  • It is currently Dio's 18th Birthday
  • Got a $2000 baritone saxophone which he was obviously excited about
  • Ex is now stuck in Britain with no money and no job
  • Theo is very happy to be alive right now
  • not much else has happened though

Other Trivia

(This is the part where you guys write stuff about me)

  • Loves post-it notes.
  • Low-key looks like Keanu Reeves as a youngun, and portrayed this godlike figure in Anna's play "God's Eye View".
  • Taught the Pen as a Weapon class a more comfortable and efficient way of sitting in chairs, much to the dismay of Cooper and Claire.
  • Dude, I legit started tearing up while reading this. Two thumbs up from a biiiIIITCH. :)
  • I had to take intermittent breaks jut to cry while writing this
  • Was a contributing factor to Anna Windsor embarking on a brand-new obsession with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.