Marcus Hill

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Marcus Hill
Pronouns He, Him, His
Campus(es) LSU
Attended 2017
Course(s) Mathematical Modeling & Applied Statistics (LSU Term 2)
RAG(s) Angry Dragons/Kntrl Groop
Roommate(s) Nycoi Jones
Social Media


This is the Best 1st 4th year ever. Like ever. President of Delta Tau Beta Term 2 2017 and littest male 4th year, Marcus was known by everyone. Like 95% of TiP including staff knows him. He came to TiP pretty quiet due to knowing no one but Sach. But after opening up received some new best friends for life.

Fouth Year

Unfortunately Marcus came into the program very late due to his extracurricular program(which he heard about TIP through) never sending him until his final year. He came into the program "wanting to leave" and not really looking forward meeting people. He was a member of Henry's RC group the Angry Dragons being one of the three fourth years in the group full of third years. His roommate,third year, Nycoi Jones tried to give Marcus "the best TIP first year fourth year experience possible". Marcus was a bit antisocial and unless he was at the Quad using his fourth year privilege he was in his room doing "summerwork". But when he wasn't being antisocial he was with his friends Mason Wilson, Neal Hamilton, Noah Brown, Diamond Warren- Tucker, his RC group,and of course Sach. Marcus was also soon caught in drama between Diamond about the dance. While the details have not yet been comfirmed, rumor is he curved her due to her "being a hoe" More drama followed the last week with his friend Sachdeep Singh and Divya Pinto who he soon began to develop feeling for,after she had just curved Sach (his bestfriend) that same week. Rumor also says they both liked each other from the start but had to conceal it. But as good friends do everything was worked out between the two and with his blessing he and Divya had a last week relationship that was one of the best relationtips at LSU and fattened the final dance together along with a couple fun nights.


· (LSU 2017)

·Kntrl Groop (LSU 2017)

• Member of the Pussy eating Gang along with Caden Hanson and Alec the RC


  • Green Team got 2nd place @Swampfest-LSU 2017
  • Henry's Angry Dragons/Kntrl Groop got 3rd place @Tipsync for "Thinking Out Loud"- LSU 2017