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Delta Tau Beta, or DTB, is the name for the 4th year guys fraternity at LSU. Not to be confused with Delta Psi Beta (the Rice campus frat), this is unique to LSU and was inspired by fellow sorority, Kappa Nu. The Presidency is passed down by the previous president. The symbol is: ΔTB. The name of this fraternity stands for Duke Tip Boys as the frats goal is to improve bromances and flex in fresh hoodies.

List of presidents

Term 2 2017

  • President - Marcus Hill
  • Vice President - Erick Velarde


  • Marcus Hill
  • Erick Velarde
  • Noah Brown
  • Sachdeep Singh
  • Jack
  • Simon
  • Liam Wetherington

Term 2 2018

  • President - Caden Hanson
  • Vice President - Noah Fuller
  • Members
  • Caden Hanson
  • Noah Fuller
  • Alex Sowatzka
  • John Martin
  • Peter Cromie
  • Nkozi and Nycoi Jones
  • Ridley Angrist
  • Seth Metusalem
  • Josh Ryan
  • Daniel Fowles
  • Peyton Grissett

Term 2 2019

  • President - Chase Teeter
  • Vice President -
  • Members

The frat was originally supposed to be run by Richard Lee, but was given to Caden when Richard didn't return for his 4th year.