Caden Hanson

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Caden Hanson
Campus(es) AC, RU, LSU
Attended 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Course(s) Design Challenges: Physics and Engineering, Astronautical Engineering, Engineering Problem Solving, Modern Medicine
RAG(s) Kelsey, Thomas' Tank Engines, Alec and the Chipmunks, Kind Eyes
Roommate(s) Eugene, Neal, Michael, Nycoi
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Caden Hanson was a TIPster who attended term two at Rice University in 2016 and LSU in 2017 and 2018. He is known for his subpar Frisbee throwing skills, his wearing of sperrys with no socks, and being a very friendly, crazy, and lit dude to everyone. He is the vice president of LSU's frat and he is the current holder of Big Texas if his friend Neal decides not to return next year.

First Year

Not much is known about Caden's first year at TIP, as he attended term 1 Austin College rather than term 2 (the lit term). However, we do know he played he card game Mafia in every moment of his spare time, was in a class with Janna,and a rc group with Nkozi, and had a horrendous mohawk haircut. Thankfully that was the only year he had one at TIP.

Second Year

Caden smartened up and decided to attend term 2 at Rice in 2016. There, he met Neal "Coach" Hamilton, who was his roommate for the term. Other notable TIPsters he met early on include Richard (president of LSU's frat), Liamborghini (Offensive MVP of the staff/student ultimate game), Alex Sowatzka (2018 Brother Bear), and Erick Velarde (founder of Big Texas).

During the first week, Caden was also introduced to a 4th year named Jazmyn. He ended up taking her to the first two dances, but not without some drama. During the second dance, Jazmyn avoided Caden and talked to another boy, dancing with him multiple times. This prompted a hype circle to surround him and chant his name. Caden ended up getting called into Jericho's office for no reason, and their relationship ended soon after that