Brother Bear at LSU Term II

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The tradition of Brother Bear at Rice Term II, after being transferred from TAMU Term II, was transferred to LSU Term II when LSU replaced Rice as an Academy campus. The Mountain Dew Pants are the given to the Brother Bear and are passed from the current fourth year Brother Bear to the new third year Brother Bear at the end of the Talent Show along with the Llama Mama at LSU Term II. They were passed, at Rice Term II 2016, from Drew Wandzilak to Zane Smith, the first Brother Bear for LSU Term II. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Zane wasn't able to return for his fourth year and to fulfill his position as Brother Bear. His best friend, Jack Kenney, took over.

The rules for LSU Brother Bear are the same as TAMU's and Rice's, which are to return to LSU Term II and to care for the pants during the school year.

List of Brother Bears

Texas A&M:

  • 2010 - Damian Murphy
  • 2011 - Corey Hughes/John Winn
  • 2012 - Chris Wooldridge
  • 2013 - Kealind Trent

Rice University:

  • 2014 - Nate Sumimoto


  • 2018 - Alex Sowatzka
  • 2019 - Ron Warren
  • 2020 - Kaj Cote
    Paige, Kaj, Michael, and Ore, the KN president, Brother Bear, DTB president, and Llama Mama of LSU T2 2020, respectively; note the aforementioned Mountain Dew Pants donned by Kaj