Zane Smith

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Zane Smith
Zane, left, pictured with Emily Anthone at the final dance.
Campus(es) Rice
Attended 2015, 2016
Course(s) The Pen as Weapon, Ideals in Action
RAG(s) Garphil, Quinn
Roommate(s) Josh Beirich (suitemate), Jalen Nickerson
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Campus Term Year Class RC Group Roommate
Rice University 2 2015 Ideals in Action: Policymaking on a Global Scale Garphil Josh Beirich (suitemate)
Rice University 3 2014 The Pen as Weapon: The Art of Satire Quinn Jalen Nickerson (J-Daddy)


A Frisconian known by many for his iconic Gucci slides, Zane Smith heavily participates in the inevitable moshpit of each dance, but always finds time for a heartfelt slow dance. Additonally, he is brothers with Jack Kenney and has a specific dance move for each line of Bohemian Rhapsody. He spends most of his time while away from Tip rowing.


  • Elected Brother Bear at Rice Term II
  • Started and led the first fraternity of Rice University Term II, Sodiboiz.
  • Successfully landed a bottle flip for the talent show to Kanye West's "Power"
  • Asked RelationTip Harper Carlton to the final dance by using another camper's harp to create a pun-based ask.
  • Convinced third year RelationTip that he played guitar to impress her, and ended up having to perform "Tip of my heart" in front of the entire camp with her at the talent show.
  • Soap