Brother Bear at Rice Term II

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The tradition of Brother Bear at TAMU Term II was transferred over to Rice University Term II when Rice replaced TAMU as a campus.The Mountain Dew Pants from previous years continued. They are passed from the current, fourth year Brother Bear to the new third year Brother Bear at the end of the Talent Show along with the Llama Mama at Rice Term II. Nate Sumimoto, 2014 Brother Bear, passed them on to Champ Warren.

The rules for Rice Brother Bear are the same as TAMU's, which are to return to Rice Term II and to care for the pants during the school year.

After the replacement of LSU for Rice as an Academy campus, the Brother Bear tradition is to be continued at LSU. For a list of LSU Brother Bears, go to Brother Bear at LSU Term II

List of Brother Bears

  • 2014-Nate Sumimoto