Lucky Charms

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Lucky Charms
Campus(es) KU, Rice
Attended 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Course(s) Aerospace Engineering, Astronautical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Architecture
Social Media

How to begin the story, the lore, the mythology of Lucky Charms. Please allow me to paint the reader a word picture. in 2014, during the 2nd term at Rice University, third-year Bobby Magee was eating breakfast with Drew Wandzilak, and, while eating Lucky Charms, began to see a resemblance between Lucky the Leprechaun and Drew. Thus, the nickname "Lucky Charms" (or just "Lucky"), was given to Drew, and it stuck. The nickname has been used by almost every TiPster who has met Drew, and has become its own title for Drew. Since the creation of this nickname, Drew has been given the nicknames "Freddy" (due to Zane Smith and Jack Kenney noticing a resemblance between Drew and the namesake character in "iCarly"), and "Chris Pratt" (due to his role in 2015's Rice Term 2 TiP sync). Drew was a third year-third year. He had been elected Brother Bear during the Summer of 2015 and returned to Rice University Term 2 for his fourth year. He went to KU his first year, taking the Aerospace Engineering course. At Rice he has taken the Astronautical Engineering and the infamous Nanotechnology courses. In his fourth year, he took the Architecture class. If you ever see Lucky Charms (Lucky for short), make sure you say hello. Drew was in a relationtip with Ashley Cooper his first year at TIP, and he was recently in a relationTIP with Alyssa Pacheco at Rice Term 2, 2015. Since Pacheco was a 4th year, she will not be returning. #TIPislove

Lucky was Brother Bear at Rice Term 2, 2016.