Drew Wandzilak

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Drew Wandzilak
Drew being awesome somewhere
Campus(es) Rice
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Drew Wandzilak(a.k.a Lucky Charms) was no doubt one really cool dude. He was a 3rd year 4th year who as far as I know, attended Rice Term 2 2015-2016. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting him and being part of his RC group, and this is an understatement(a bit biased here).

Notable Events

♠Brother Bear(2016)

  Drew was elected Brother Bear in 2015 Rice Term 2, beating Thomas Emerson in a slim count. At Rice Term 2 2016, Drew really lived the title "Brother Bear". He was really friendly with all and helped organize the 4th years with Natalie Osterlund(Llama Mama) exceptionally. 

♠Ultimate Frisbee(2016)

  Drew was also part of the Ultimate Frisbee team that dominated the staff.He scored approximately 2 points.

Drew's 4th year Will

"I,Drew Wandzliak, being of Machiavellian mind and mesomorphic body,bestow the following to... Vincent(the Savage):a bowl of Torchy's queso,Jack: a lambo that looks like a panda,Leo:dank memes,Princess:Nigerian Music,Emily:the ability to rap,Zane:Gucci sandals,Rayna:an occasional slow dance,Natalie:a disreputable tattoo on her inner lip,Jace:a lifetime supply of San Pellegrino,Thomas:a new face for looking at his phone,and to everyone not listed,my sincerest gratitude and best wishes on your future endeavors. "

Fun Facts

♠He lives in NC

♠He is called Lucky Charms because he ate a lot of Lucky Charms during TIP 2015 @ Rice.He also LOVES them.