Chelsea Laughrun

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Chelsea Laughrun
Pronouns She, Her
Campus(es) Austin, Rice, LSU
Attended 2014-2017
Course(s) Psychology (Austin College Term 2 2014), Criminal Law: Mock Trial (Rice University Term 2 2015), Ideals In Action: Policymaking on a Global Scale (Rice University Term 2 2016), Anthropology & Archaeologogy: Stones and Bones (LSU Term 2 2016)
RAG(s) Ana's Papangeos, Maggie's Book Club, Jenna's Jellybeans, Britt's Babez
Roommate(s) Charity, Kaylin, Jordyn, Gabby
Social Media


Chelsea Laughrun first attended Duke TiP during the summer of 2014 at Austin College Term 2. During her first year, she played hard-to-get and rejected every guy that asked her to dance. Ruthless. When she arrived at RU for her second year she was ready to conquer TIP. Nobody messed with her, so her year was really boring. When she came back to RU for her third year she, performed "Work" in the talent show, and was about to perform "Broccoli" but it was shut down for being inappropriate. During her third year she was also involved in the Big Texas Heist, led by Diamond Warren-Tucker. During her final year at TIP, Chelsea snuck out to the guys tower almost every night the second and third week with fellow members of DTC to hang out. She also started in the staff-student ultimate game. She was officially the corniest person on campus when she did "Drawing with Chelsea".


  • The Realists (RU 2016)
  • DTC (LSU 2017)
  • Kappa Nu (LSU 2017)


  • Maggie's Bookclub got 2nd place @ TipSync for "Counting Stars" - RU 2015
  • Blue Team got 1st place @ Swampfest - LSU 2017
  • Britt's Babezzz got 2nd place at Roll Call - LSU 2017
  • Britt's Babez got 2nd place @ TipSync for "My Heart Will Go On" - LSU 2017

Qualities & Such

  • Corny
  • Such a babe
  • Hottie
  • Funny
  • Laughs a lot
  • Sarcastic