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Kind Eyes is an RC group from LSU term 2 2018. The RC group consisted of 13 fourth year guys, and their RC: Layah. The Kind Eyes were by far the strongest RC group of the term, (Perhaps one of the strongest TiP has ever seen) taking every group competition by storm and absolutely decimating the opposition, no matter the challenge. The Kind Eyes lived on the fourth floor of North Tower in Cypress Hall.


The name "Kind Eyes" originates from a game of paranoia. Helena was asked who she would want to do anal with, to which she reluctantly responded "John" because he has the "Kindest Eyes". The name "Kind Eyes" was later suggested as a name for the RC group at an RC group meeting. The name received mixed reception from members of the group. Other suggested names for the RC group included "Skind Eyes" (An homage to SK) and "Red Pants" (You know why). Both of these names, however, were vetoed and the group ultimately ended up using the name "Kind Eyes".


  • Layah Khalif (nicknames: "RC Layah", "Auntie Lay Lay") - Our wise and powerful leader. RC Layah was really chill, more so than most RC's tend to be.
  • Jean-Paul Boatwright (nickname: "JP") - JP was easily one of the Kind Eyes's most ethnic members. He lives in England, but is also of Spanish and French origin. Superlative: Most likely to pull all the girls with his accent. Roommates with Nick Lenz.
  • Peter Cromie - Peter served as the RC group's mom whenever Layah wasn't. Superlative: Most likely to have unlimited quarters. Roommates with Noah Fuller.
  • Daniel Fowkes - Superlative: Most likely to keep your name out of his mouth. Roommates with Alex Sowatzka.
  • Noah Fuller - Superlative: Most likely to be in a frat. Roommates with Peter Cromie.
  • Peyton Grissett - Peyton was known for blaring 6ix9ine all the time. Even if it just so happened to be 7 AM. Peyton is also responsible for coming up with the nickname "Auntie Lay Lay" for RC Layah. Superlative: Worst knees. Roommates with Jacob Williams.
  • Caden Hanson - Caden was the de facto president of Delta Tau Beta since Richard Lee did not return to LSU term 2. Superlative: Most likely to get 👏👏 cut off. Roommates with Nycoi Jones for the second half of the term.
  • Nkozi Jones - Nkozi was known for snapping aggressively and saying "my impact" Superlative: Most impactful. Roommates with John Martins.
  • Nick Lenz - Quite the 'interesting' character to say the least, Nick could often be heard talking about BDSM or other not-so-TiPpropriate topics. In addition to this, he was known for his quote "just turn around, JP" (if you know, you know) and for drinking the crest challenge that year. Superlative: Most likely to have three girlfriends at once. Roommates with JP Boatwright.
  • John Martins - John is the namesake of the Kind Eyes. As you may have guessed, he has the kindest eyes in the RC group. Superlative: Kindest eyes. Roommates with Nkozi Jones.
  • Seth Metusalem - Captained Swampfest(Namely Soccer) to a massive dub. Superlative: Most likely to be the group dad. Roommates with Josh Ryan.
  • Josh Ryan - Superlative: Cutest smile. Roommates with Seth Metusalem.
  • Alex Sowatzka - Alex was the Brother Bear at LSU that term. Superlative: Most likely to fight three girls for Big Texas. Roommates with Daniel Fowkes.
  • Jacob Williams - Resident bully. Superlative: Most emotional. Roommates with Peyton Grissett.


  • First Place in TiP Sync - The Kind Eyes performed "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani for TiP Sync. In the days leading up to the performance, members of the Kind Eyes began to acquire shorts from the girls to wear during the performance. During practice for TiP Sync, Matt Sears came to campus and walked in on the Kind Eyes practicing. The Kind Eyes were able to use this to their advantage and fooled the girls into thinking that they weren't allowed to wear the shorts for the performance. This increased the shock value when the Kind Eyes removed their athletic shorts to reveal the girls' shorts underneath at the beginning of the song. Some members of the Kind Eyes also had the bright idea of bringing bananas from the 5 to the performance; said bananas were handed out during the part of the song where Gwen utters the words "this shit is bananas." A stunt was also performed towards the end of the performance where Noah Fuller was raised into the air and dropped back and caught by fellow Kind Eyes behind him. The shock value of the girls' shorts, the bananas, and Noah's stunt all helped to secure the dub for the Kind Eyes.
The Kind Eyes performing "Hollaback Girl" at TiP Sync
  • First Place in Swamp Fest - The Kind Eyes were assigned the green team for Swamp Fest, along with Lucy and Haley's RC groups. The Kind Eyes were able to convince the rest of the green team to use the name "The Brooms" (in reference to the clean sweep) for the competition. The Kind Eyes's heavy participation in spirit week and winning soccer are believed to be large contributing factors to the dub in Swamp Fest
  • First Place in the Scavenger Hunt - RC Layah was a seasoned veteran of both LSU and its scavenger hunt, which allowed the Kind Eyes to use advanced techniques such as: taking the fastest possible route between locations, and taking the required pictures and videos from far away so that Layah didn't have to walk as far.
  • Won the Heist for Big Texas - See the Big Texas main page for details
  • Won the race to the multipurpose room after lights out - Midway through the term, the staff stole Big Texas and invited all the fourth years to try to race to the multipurpose room after lights out without getting caught to retrieve it. Most of the fourth year guys were able to simply cross through the courtyard to the MP room, thus securing the dub.
  • Completion of the Clean Sweep - All of the achievements above contributed to what was known as the Clean Sweep. The Clean Sweep refers to the Kind Eyes's uncontested win streak; there was not a single group competition for the entire term that the Kind Eyes didn't win. It is unknown whether or not this has feat been achieved before any other RC group in the history of Duke TiP.

Notable Events

  • Jousting - On the third night of the term, the Kind Eyes had a small jousting tournament on their hall. This was a returning tradition from the year prior. A "joust" consisted of two jousters, each riding piggyback atop another TiPster; the jousters would then run towards each other and attempt to knock the other one down. JP proved to be a very skilled jouster, much to everybody's surprise.
  • Nycoi moving into Caden's room - Nycoi's previous roommate (who shall remain nameless) was caught stealing some of Nycoi's belongings. Nycoi complained to the staff about this and was then allowed to move in with Caden, who had no roommate prior.

Members of the Kind Eyes: Please feel free to add more to this, especially the members' bios. Also, if I accidentally got any info wrong, please fix it.