The Llama at LSU Term II

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The tradition of The Llama at TAMU Term II and The Llama at Rice Term II was transferred over to LSU Term II when LSU replaced Rice as an Academy campus. 2017 Llama Mama Sofia Ciancaglini made a new scrapbook to signify the new campus, but the flag made at Rice Term II 2016 is still passed down. The flag and new scrapbook is passed from the current fourth year Llama Mama to the new third year Llama Mama at the end of the Talent Show along with the Brother Bear at LSU Term II.

The rules for LSU Llama Mama are the same as TAMU's and Rice's, which are to return to LSU Term II and to care for the flag and scrapbook during the school year.

Llama Mamas

Texas A&M:

  • 2011 - Lauren Rayhab
  • 2012 - Bee Haffey
  • 2013 - Abigail Ward

Rice University:

  • 2014 - Alexa Eyring


  • 2019 - Samantha Blackwood
  • 2020 - Ore Fawole