Andi Vonhilsheimer

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Andi Vonhilsheimer
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Campus(es) TAMU, RU
Attended 2013, 2014, 2015
Course(s) Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology, Sports Medicine, The Pen as a Weapon: The Art of Satire
RAG(s) Anrenee, Mary, Aria
Roommate(s) Rebecca Bryant, Pamela, Tiffany Jordan
Social Media

Who Is Andi?

Andi VonHilsheimer is your typical TIPster. She is smart, socially awkward, and of course, savage. Even from the beginning of her career as a TIPster, young Andi was not afraid to show her true colors. As a mere second year she and Ana Carvallo challenged the daunting fourth years on their floor to a rap battle. After an intense showdown, the two girls proved their worth, marking the beginning of the infamous Rap God Squad. Being from Niceville, FL, Andi was expected to be your cookie cutter white girl, and she did not disappoint. From her Southern Marsh T-shirts to her family travel blog, Andi soon lived up to her town, thus earning her the popular namesake, Niceville. Her only symbol of rebellion is her nose piercing, which she received a couple of months before the start of her fourth year. Although the title of Llama Mama was originally given to Rebecca Bryant, Andi stepped up and took the role when Rebecca was unable to return for her fourth year.

Andi Through the Ages


2013 was a big year, not only for Andi, but for all of the people attending the TIP program at Texas A&Muniversity. Andi was at first quiet and shy, but with the help of her spunky roommate, Rebecca Bryant, she quickly broke out of her shell. She had many adventures her first year at TIP including helping her RC group attempt the yearly scavenger hunt by swimming in the closest fountain. Andi was also kind enough to share her face masks with everyone in her RC group, scaring the fourth years on her floor. Her bubbly personality and rocking dance moves won the heart of a particularly shy 3rd year, Tagon Chen. He asked her to the last dance and upstaged all other couples on the dance floor. She proved her loyalty to her RC group at the talent show, where she rapped about all of the amazing adventures of that term.Her modern medicine class changed her life, and her perspective plans for the future. Andi grew close to her RC group that year, and created friendships that would last a lifetime.


As a third year, Andi now had more confidence than ever before. She took advantage of this and made friends with almost everyone. She quickly stole the heart of another third year named Diego. His infatuation grew so much that they had to instill The Talking Cup. During her third year at TIP, Andi was mid GLO-UP, so it was no wonder that many a TIPster fell for her in as little as three weeks.


Andi's fourth year was legendary. As a member of Aria's RC group, Andi quickly learned that rules were made to be broken. She had people in her room, she disobeyed the lights out rule and could often be seen watching the popular show "Preacher's Daughters" on Netflix during class. As Llama Mama, Andi had to assume many new responsibilities, whether it be livening the party, organizing town hall, or counseling other TIPsters, Andi was always busy. Her favorite activity was dancing to (and showing others how to dance to) the song footloose and by the third dance, she had almost the entire camp on their feet. Adding to the legend that is Andi VonHilsheimer, she along with the rest of the rap god squad roasted and lit up the entire existence of three other fellow fourth years. One of the most savage rap battles TIP has ever seen can be found here. But don't worry; Niceville made sure there was a second version of the rap that showed how awesome the three boys were.