Ana Carvallo

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Ana Carvallo
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Campus(es) TAMU, Rice
Attended 2013-2015
Course(s) The Brain: Creativity and Intelligence, Inspired Writers, The Pen as a Weapon: The Art of Satire
RAG(s) Anrenee, Steph, Maggie
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Ana Carvallo, a third year fourth year, attended Duke TiP first at TAMU (2013), then Rice (2014), and finally Rice (2015) again for her final year. A more prominently known tipster, Ana is well known for her adventurous spirit, outgoing personality, and her seemingly unbeatable rap skills. Sometimes called the "New Alexa", Ana could be spotted on a fairly regular basis crying about some aspect of TiP. Both well known and well liked, Ana is currently carrying on TiP spirit through the 2015 fourth year GroupMe, "1st and 2nd Round Draft Picks."

Years at TiP

2013 In 2013, Ana attended TAMU as a first year second year. Originally appearing quiet and shy, Ana quickly broke out of her shell and made many friends of various years. She grew extremely close with her RC group, and together their group wrote an original rap about TiP and performed it for the talent show. Ana was known throughout the campus as "sexual", known to celebrate the most sexual day of the week, Mondays, every week without fail. She was also known to teach various tipsters the five steps of seduction and to harass a good-natured third year, Evan Parks. By the time Ana's first year at TiP ended, she was saying goodbye to countless friends and was mentioned warmly in the wills of ten different fourth years.

2014 In 2014, Ana, like many of the other TAMU tipsters, traveled to Rice University for her third year. Little had changed in the friendly and fun tipster, and she was once again making friends with all sorts of various tipsters. In her third year, Ana was frequently spotted sporting a ukelele, serenading those who passed by with "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. Her favorite song at the time was "show me your genitals" and she could often be seen singing or teaching the song to her fellow TiPsters. She took Creative writing her second year and became very close with both her teachers and her classmates. She grew extremely close with her RC group in 2014 as well, overseen by the guidance of their RC, Steph.

2015 Ana's fourth year in 2015 was at Rice University Term II. It was this year of TiP that Ana was dubbed "The New Alexa" after crying multiple times on the first day when fellow fourth year Garrett Seeger played American Pie on her speaker. Ana could constantly be seen talking to new people and jamming out to less-than-tippropriate songs on her portable speaker. At the end of the first week, Ana, along with two friends and classmates (Andi Vonhilsheimer and aka Rap God Squad) challenged three fourth year boys to a rap battle during 9:30 - 10:00 free time. Ana and her friends worked together to write a rap that would roast each of the boys, (Bobby Magee, George Bisong, and ) individually. A vast majority of tipsters attended said rap battle, which was one of the most savage events at TiP. Besides for rapping and crying, Ana was also known throughout her fourth year as a rulebreaker. Throughout her years, Ana had broken numerous TiP rules, but some of the most memorable include when she got a prison tattoo, successfully sneaking out of her room every night but one, when she snuck off to the fountain with classmates, and when she watched gay porn in class with Chandler when she was assigned to read.


Ari was Ana's primary relationTIP and was a reoccurring love interest throughout her three years at TiP. Although he was rather shy and often avoided girls at all costs, the pair could often be seen slow dancing to We Bleed Maroon at various Tip dances. Their love was recognized throughout the entire campus, and rumor has it that they have continued to communicate over the years since TiP ended.

Inside Jokes

""Sexual"" As a first year second year, Ana strived to make friends and at the same time anger her RC. Fortunately for her, her RC was rather uncomfortable with the word "sexual" as it wasn't deemed "TiPpropriate". Knowing this, Ana frequently repeated the word to all and even deemed Monday's as "sexual mondays", since they are undoubtedly the most sexual of all weekdays.

""Talent Show"" During her fourth year talent show, Ana along with Andi Vonhilsheimer, Chandler Presson, and Kenzie Hardt performed a dramatic reading of the popular song "I've got a feeling". This performance was a tribute to former llama mamma Alexa who performed a dramatic reading the year before