The Llama at Rice Term II

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The tradition of The Llama at TAMU Term II was transferred over to Rice University Term II when Rice replaced TAMU as a campus. A new frisbee was used to signify the new campus, and all fourth years signed the bottom of it. The frisbee is passed from the current, fourth year Llama Mama to the new third year Llama Mama at the end of the Talent Show along with the Brother Bear at Rice Term II. Alexa Eyring, 2014 Llama Mama, created the Llama Mama scrapbook and passed it to Rebecca Bryant.

The rules for Rice Llama Mama are the same as Duke East's and TAMU's, which are to return to Rice Term II and to care for the frisbee during the school year.

LSU has replaced Rice as an Academy Campus, so to see a list of LSU Term II Llama Mamas go to The Llama at LSU Term II

List of Llama Mamas:

  • *Unfortunately due to unrelated circumstances and despite her intentions, Rebecca was unable to attend Rice 2015 Term II. After inquiring with Ex Brother Bear Nate Sumimoto, Andi was declared the new Llama Mama as she finished second in the previous year's voting. Such a process is to be modeled in the future if such a situation were to arise.