The Llama at TAMU Term II

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The Llama at Texas A&M Term II was first created in 2011 after the evening activity TIPlore (run by RCs Johnathan and Whit) inspired the fourth years to create their own Llama after hearing about the Duke East Llama.

Fourth year Lauren Rayhab took on the job of finding and creating the Llama with ideas from the other fourth years. After discussing the idea with third year, Bee Haffey, Lauren decided to make a frisbee covered in duct tape and went about getting it approved by the rest of the fourth years.

Also inspired by the traditions of the Llama at Duke East, the fourth years wanted to make their own traditions with the frisbee. This caused the frisbee to eventually be used as the first frisbee thrown out at the staff vs student ultimate frisbee game. The frisbee was also signed on the bottom before the game by all the fourth years and would later be covered in duct tape and signed by the next group of fourth years and covered again, and so on and so on.

When it came time to determine a Llama Mama for 2012, the group unanimously chose the same third year who helped come up with the idea for the frisbee, Bee Haffey, and another fourth year, Alison Sunderhaft, also called Lauren the "Llama Mother" for not only being the first Llama Mama, but being the main reason the tradition was started. The same rules apply for the TAMU Llama Mama as the Duke East Llama Mama. He or she is required to attend TIP at Texas A&M Term II the following year. He or she is also required to care for the Llama in the coming year and during his or her Mama summer. They must also continue the tradtions set forth by their predecessors as well as having the option to create their own traditions.

After TAMU was disbanded as a TiP campus, the tradition moved to Rice Term II along with most former A&M TiPsters. For those Llama Mamas, see The Llama at Rice Term II.

List of Llama Mamas:

  • 2011-Lauren Rayhab (also called Llama Mother)
  • 2012-Bee Haffey
  • 2013-Abigail Ward
  • 2014-Alexa Eyring