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Duct tape is a common form of binding adhesive, made infamous during Davidson Term II '06 due to the many unorthodox uses it was employed for. (see Kannapolis Game '06)

However, it can be assumed that by typical nature of TIP students duct tape has been used somehow on every campus and term since TIP began.

Specific Uses

Laura "Jim" Moore was the original user of duct tape and obsessively stuck it to things.

In West, purple duct tape is used as a boundary marker for restricted areas, while passing blue duct tape is only prohibited at certain times (eg:10:00pm).

During West Term I '09, one boundary marker with a frowning face was adjusted to be instead, happily smiling at the viewer, thanks to moving the eyebrows to the mouth. It was located at the line between TIPster dorms and Duke Institute ones. In the same term, it was used affectionately by fourth years to denounce titles among each others dorm walls. A duct tape wallet went missing as well; there has been no available conclusion of its search.

Sam Buckley eventually stole the idea, creating a duct tape shirt, duct tape tie, and making an infamous duct tape comment about the nonTIPropriate-ness of Duct Tape.

At Davidson Term I '07 a duct tape child was created by Jake Wilkins. He is named Timmy. Timmy was then abandoned on the door step of Ryan Lentner, who quickly adopted Timmy to give him company. This was because his roommate (known simply by "mango") had been kicked out due to attacks on other students. Many people have a relation to Timmy, but he currently resides with Megan Tilley.

At A&M, Trevor Stokes has been know to have a variant to the duct tape, that being blue painter's tape. He has been known to stick it to windows, doors, and Astrophysics projects during term 1. One can also stop many of the girls and ask for duct tape, which, like cards, appears to be one of those things we just have in our purses.

During West Term II 2009, Zulu Force used duct tape and masking tape to tape the door to the office and tape "good morning" on it at 3:45 in the morning. This is considered the best prank of that term and was done in retaliation for the strobe light incident as well as several other encounters between Zulus and Lisa. It is part of the .

In 2009 Davidson Term I, second year Mollie W. brought a plethora of rainbow electrical tape, not quite duck tape but still having similar sticky properties, and it was stuck on things throughout Davidson,s campus. It is noted that she used electrical tape as a tipstery form of a letter seal.

At Davidson Term II 2009, purple duct tape was used to identify the "Purple Crew."

At Duke East Term one, to escape the heat the boys on Alspaugh floor 2 created some windtunnels with the outrageously high beds given to all tipsters. A sheet was ductaped to the top of the bed so to create a fort underneath it, where a matress goes into the fort. A box fan inside the fort inflates the entire thing... but it doesn't work without duct tape. The absent-minded boys all came to camp without ducttape! They were forced to ask for some spiffy neon green duct tape from Kelly, a girl on their floor that had brought duct tape. ((Edit: Various girls on the third floor copied this idea... But THEY remembered their own tape!)) ((Edit: Kelly, the girl who gave these boys duct tape, also covered her flip flops in the neon green tape. This fashion was talked about admirably by others, but never copied. They were some seriously amazing flip flops, though.))

At East term I 2010, tape was much needed by Andrew's RAG 3rd floor Brown, but nowhere to be found. Tape was needed to post a sign up saying the list of "No's" on the wall. Such things not allowed were girls, Russian spies, and kitchen appliances. The boys of Andrew's RAG kept asking him for tape, which angered him and led to many jokes about asking for tape. Eventually tape was found and the boys constructed an obstacle course on their side of the hall. Tape was then later banned and any mentioning of it resulted in an early bedtime.

During Davidson Term 1 2012 penguin duck tape was seen on many doors (especially the 2nd floor)

At Kansas 2012, pink and blue duck tapes were used to cross off hallways. If pink tape was on the floor outside a dorm hallway, that meant it was a girl hallway and only girls could cross the line. Boy hallways had the same thing with blue tape; only boys could cross it. No one even dared to cross a line that wasn't their color.