Sofia Ciancaglini

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Sofia Ciancaglini
Campus(es) Austin, Rice
Attended 2014-2017
Course(s) Anthropology (Austin College Term 2 2014), Inspired Writer (Rice University Term 2 2015), Ideals In Action: Policymaking on a Global Scale (Rice University Term 2 2016)
RAG(s) Yarelhdi's Hipster Disney Princesses, Maggie's Bookclub, Liz's Brochachos
Roommate(s) Emily, Danica Schwartz, Cecilia Reynolds, Diamond Warren-Tucker
Social Media
Sofia(right) with Alyssa Crum(left) at the first dance @ RU 2016


Sofia Ciancaglini first attended Duke TiP during the summer of 2014 at Austin College Term 2. During that term, she fell in love with a fellow Tipster named Thomas, but she never even spoke to him because she never talks to her crushes.Yet, her mothers Maya and Kate, sent a message to Thomas' RC, Paul, asking him to accept Sofia's marriage to Angel, who was friends with Thomas. Paul accepted, and so was Sofia's and Angel's arranged marriage born. The last dance was their wedding. Everyone was invited and excited to witness the wedding. Angel did not know anything of this and was very confused so Sofia forced him to dance with her. He never spoke to her afterwards. Sofia's second year, she did not have a groundbreaking crush or a very remarkable event. Her third year though, was a little more spicy. She landed her eyes on a hottie the moment she stepped onto Jones Commons with her parents, ready to get her lanyard. This was the first of many, many crushes. As the term went on, Sofia managed to have a crush on approximately 18 people at once. She was also active in some juicy drama that occurred during the term, such as the Jack and Chelsea thing, and the Braden and Diamond thing, and the Big Texas Heist. Also that year, her alter ego Rosita was born. It all started when her very good friend Chance McGee told Sofia that she smelled like his Spanish teacher and then proceeded to say "Rosita, let down your hair." and so this made Sofia channel her inner latina. Since then, Rosita has gone on to deliver a splendid rendition of the banger "Broccoli" and a very dramatic recitation of the song "Work" with her good friends Chelsea and Diamond. ----


  • The Realists (RU 2016)
  • The Angsty Angels (RU 2016)
  • The Mexican Oreos (RU 2016)
  • DTC (LSU 2017)


  • awarded Llama Mama for 2017
  • Maggie's Bookclub got 2nd place @ TipSync for "Counting Stars" - RU 2015
  • Liz's Brochachos got 2nd place @ TipSync for "I Have A Dream" - RU 2016
  • Green Team got 1st place @ Hootfest - RU 2016
  • Blue Team got 1st place @ Swampfest - LSU 2017
  • Britt's Babezzz got 2nd place at Roll Call - LSU 2017

Qualities & Such

  • is a total babe
  • deserves Llama Mama
  • has a contagious smile & laugh
  • v cute
  • super sweet to everyone
  • has an adorable run
  • very stylish
  • is weirdly ticklish
  • is always taking Polaroid pictures
  • is prone to have numerous crushes at once
  • eats the breakfast hashbrowns religiously during