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Possibly the most well-renowned piece of Spanish Moss in the world, Shelito is the child of Mitch Porter and Heather Robertson. Adopted at Rice University in 2018, Sheltio lives on happily to this day.


Shelito was discovered on the ground one day near Flo Coffeehouse as three Tipsters: Aiden Eisenschenk, Heather Robertson, and Mitch Porter walked to lunch. They proceeded to kick the moss all The way back to the dining hall, at which point they deliberated over a name. Eventually, they settled on Shelito, a gender-neutral name which was perfect for their gender-fluid child. Within a few days, however, tragedy struck. Shelito was kidnapped by a cleaning lady during a trip to the restroom. While Aiden seemed unbothered, Shelito's other parents were left devastated. They swore to adopt a second Shelito and do it justice. Due to the widespread popularity of the card game Dos on campus, they decided that their second child should be named Shelito Dos. Shelito Dos soon consumed the parents' lives, but an inseparable bond was created between the three; they had become a family.


On June 22, Shelito was baptized in a small ceremony full of friends and family. The service was held by a run-down water fountain in the corner of the UFO. After submerging Shelito in the holy water of Cody Stewart, Shelito's godparents swore to renounce Mallory Hoffman from the child's life. Upon this declaration, Shelito was welcomed into the church of .

Other Information

Name Parents Godparents Uncles/Aunts Religion Gender Pronouns Custody
Shelito Aiden Eisenschenk, Mitch Porter, Heather Robertson --- Nelson Rose, William Loughridge, Grace Dehner, Kathleen Ortiz --- Gender Fluid Any pronouns acceptable Equal Shared Custody
Shelito Dos Mitch Porter, Heather Robertson Kathleen Ortiz, William Loughridge Nelson Rose, Nicholas Miller, Grace Dehner, Carly McDonald Church of Dr. Allie Gender Fluid She/They Majority Custody- Heather Robertson, Partial Custody- Mitch Porter (Both parents originally shared custody of the child, switching Shelito between them every day. Sadly when TiP had ended, the child could only be taken by one of them, and Heather was granted full custody of Shelito by Mitch in his fourth year will)