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Carly McDonald- Wake Forest University's "sparkling second year" as of 2016. When not socializing or sparkling she is usually seen watching Netflix (probably Star Trek) or reading a book. Or on her phone. Also known as the ramen girl.

Year Year at TiP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate RelationTIP
2015 1st Wake Forest I Mock Trial Luter Kadejah Alex no
2015 2nd Wake Forest II That’s Debatable Collins Erin Charlie Will Joseph
2017 3rd Georgia Tech II Spacecraft Mission Design Towers Zuri Caylan, Amal, Marie Colin
2018 4th Rice I Ideals in Action McMurtry Christina None Jared

Carly McDonald
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Rice
Attended 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Course(s) Mock Trial, That’s Debatable, Spacecraft Mission Design, Policy
RAG(s) Kadejah, Erin, Zuri, Christina
Roommate(s) Alex, Charlie, Caylan, Amal, Marie
Social Media

First Year

There is honestly nothing too important here... She had overslept once in her first year.

Second Year

In her second year she and Pokemon Will were in a RelationTiP. Her TA, Chelsea, had her class go up to TA's and do random weird things, including bowing down (to a random TA), crashing the Speckies' class (by playing I'm Sexy And I Know It on her phone) and doing this weird "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS" thing while waving your hands in the air with your arm straight.

She also holds the record for most acts in a talent show with 5-6 acts. They were: Double Dream Hands with her class, the Tribble Song Solo, Be Prepared (as a hyena), Hermione/Katniss rap battle (Effie Trinket) and the NASA/Pluto Wrecking Ball parody (as NASA). Her sixth act was going to be After Ever After and After Ever After mashup (Ariel, Cinderella, Tiana, Elsa) with her as Elsa but got rejected. She actively participated in the Blue Tile War but kept her Speckie friends. She was also one of the news anchors for the WFU Tip News Page on Instagram that quickly died off.

Third Year

In her third year she is going to Georgia Tech for the second term and attending Spacecraft Mission Design. She is the crazy girl who ate ramen for breakfast every morning. She is in Zuri's Flurries, and shares her room with three roommates (Caylan, Amal and Marie). She has also claimed to start writing a paper known as "The Alberto paper," a paper for her TA, Alberto. Did you know her TA's name is Alberto? If she writes three pages for her TA, Alberto, in 10pt single spaced with no paragraphs on why the class should go to Ikea, and it gets approved by 3 TAs that aren't her TA, Alberto (Summer, Kerri and allison), then her TA, Alberto will try to get them to Ikea.

(She ended up writing the paper but not turning it in (to her TA, Alberto) until the last day for reasons unknown.)

Carly was in a RelationTIP with Colin. Or was she? We will never know...

She also started VAP which, to contrary belief, is not a vape joke.


Fourth Year

She is most notable for starting the Rice University Ramen Trade, which she got many other tipsters involved in. She would not sell her ramen for anything, despite getting numerous offers. She was also the sucker for general TIP traditions, and got pissed when they played Footloose after American Pie during the first dance like everyone else with TiP spirit was. She was also the person wearing a bathrobe from Victoria's secret to the second "Welcome to the Jungle" dance and then continued to runway walk in Christina's "Project Runway" Mandatory Fun and thot drop.

Carly was also notable for:

- being bad as MC for talent show, and she only got the job because she showed up

- the Doctor Doctor cheerleading attempt, where she got dropped

- always partying on the fourth floor in the hall (not The Fourth Floor Lounge, Stairwell B

- theft

- blackmail

- extortion

- libel

- dropping her makeup box which caused the crying on the ground pin

Fourth Year Will

I, Carly McDonald, of sassy mind and ramen-filled body hereby bequeath the following: to the Mock Trial Squad 2k15, a swarm of bees to protect; to Erin’s rag, bekfast and a forever amount of yeets; to the debate squad, social experiments to perform on speckies; to Spacecraft Mission Design, plenty of rockets to probe the planets (#VAP); to Jason Archer and Jimmy Park, a successful Broad Distance Space Mission (of course using the Saturn Hohmann Interplanetary Transfer); to Amal Gondal, a target shopping cart to ride in; to Zuri’s Flurries, the Best; to Zack Owens, a properly spelled name; to Colin Wegner, highlighters to write a 5 minute TIP promposal with; to Maya Mackey, the Rice University Ramen Trade; to Brian Kling, the rest of the Rice University Food Trade; to Samuel Walls, an orange lanyard and honorary mention; to Shreyas Kumar, bad insults for any girl who goes near him; to Adam Tereyni, all of my extra makeup; to Jenna Dillon, things to pull; to Maddie Ahn, men (makeup, earrings and necklaces); to Nicholas Miller, Austria-Hungray’s last ship (destroy those dumb Turks) and witch repelling spells; to Mitch Porter, the wrath of “Lost-ria None-gry”; to Kathleen Oritz, many macaroons; to Joshua Cox, tipwiki pages to write and a sharp shoulder blade; to Arman Tavelli, a cello; to Isaac Wiles, Dr. Peppers; to Andy Garcia, many superlative ideas and a Simba plush from Target; to Zoe Chang, confidence for your 4th year; to Jensen Holliday, my dishes; to my RC Christina, a hat for every one Chris takes; to the FOURth Year Squad, a prosperous post-TIP experience; to my Ideals In Action class, dos games of Dos and a game of Diplomacy (don’t colonize everything); to Victoria Lawton, my DNA test; to Emma Davolt, a more unique name; to Christina’s Rag, visits to target with free butlers; to Omar Jamil, the Card; and to Maya Mackey the Cup of Instant Breakfast. Take care, Tuke Tip, it’s been fun.

There was a typo in her will, renaming Duke Tip as “Tuke Tip.”