Spacecraft Mission Design

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Term 2

-Instructor: Raza Padhani

-TA: Andrew Wegener

-Students: The students were divided into 4 teams each with their own superhero team name

Aquaman: What they lacked in intelligence and general understanding (except for Alex C) they made up for in creativity, athletic ability, and the ability to always be off topic. Also the official winner of the "At Least You Tried" Trophy. Despite being in last place all term, Team Aquaman ended up winning after a generous donation from Team Loki put them up by over 2000 points.

  • Alex Constantine
  • Evan Corkery
  • Jason Rantanen
  • Cooper Schaefer

Hawkeye: This team had most of the smart people. They were the best until the very bitter end.

  • Theo Frantz
  • Spencer Huston
  • Peyton Hutchison
  • CJ Jiang

Dove: They have 4 members, and that's pretty cool. They were honorary winners because they technically had the most points when Raza distributed the prizes (Until the point transfer that was allowed by Andrew at the last second).

  • William Currey
  • Jackson Dye
  • Isabella Edsparr
  • Gaines Morrison

Loki: Basically just Alex L doing the maths and Tristan practicing for the apocalypse.

  • Tristan Cozier
  • Alex Lomis
  • Rohan Muthukumar
  • Jennifer Zhang

About the Class

Throughout the term, TiPsters learned about orbital mechanics, aerodynamics, structures, and much more. Much of the class was physics with some calculus sprinkled in. They covered how to rendezvous with the ISS, how to perform a Hohmann Transfer and an orbital plane change, why different orbits are used for different things, and finally how to plan a mission to Mars.

The Spacecraft class ultimate frisbee team went 7-0 knocking off Nuclear Science in the finals. (10-1)


Term 2

  • Instructor: Dr. Chris Cordell
  • TA: Alberto Quiroga


Term 1

Term 2 Space! Space! Space! Space! Space!

-Instructor: Dr. Chris Cordell

-TA: Alberto Quiroga


  • Mary Grace
  • Jimmy
  • Jason
  • Collin
  • Omar
  • Michael
  • Carly
  • Justin
  • Ryan
  • Nate
  • Mary
  • Mackenzie
  • Jessica
  • Trevor
  • Andrew
  • Powell

About the Class

| Broad Distance Space Mission series were known to be the most successful mission, as their group achieved high standards of economy, efficiency and precision, by applying Saturn Hohmann Interplanetary Transfer mission. We will also be eating swiss cheese while probing a planet.



Term 1 Space Stuff

-Instructor: Mauricio Coen

-TA: Branden Wells


  • - Aaron
  • - Lexi
  • - Emma
  • - Katie
  • - Ronnie
  • - Maggie
  • - Sharat
  • - Noah
  • - Iris
  • - Alan
  • - Brianna
  • - Thomas
  • - Jacob
  • - Ethan
  • - Donovan
  • - Sam
  • - James
  • - Nadia
  • - William

Praise the Steam Whistle